5 must visit states in your North east India Tour

North east India Tour

North East India is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, with plenty of natural beauty. The view of the northeast is incredible until you experience it for yourself in your North east India Tour packages. The ideal combination of lush foliage, deep woods, hills, and snowy mountain peaks can be found here. There are also beautiful waterfalls and gorgeous valleys. The way people greet you in this region is the icing on the cake. They are kind, humble, and proud of where they live. The inhabitants of India’s North-East know just how to preserve and maintain their natural legacy for future generations. You will be able to enjoy fantastic adventures over there, from the stunning mountains and tourist locations to visit in the North East Indian states to some fun-filled activities. So, if you’re looking for wildlife, the North East is a great place to go. Here are 5 must visit states in your North east India Tour packages for this summer, with mesmerising scenery, greenery , and attractions that showcase their culture and tradition. All you have to do is enter the North East Indian area, which inspires all wildlife enthusiasts across the world.  visit here

  • Nagaland- Nagaland is a flourishing hill state in northeast India, and one of the best states to add on to your North east India Tour packages. Myanmar to the east, Assam to the west, Arunachal Pradesh and a portion of Assam to the north, and Manipur to the south define this region of India. It has a diverse and unequalled cultural and traditional history. It is home to 16 main tribes, each with their own dialects and languages. It encourages tribal festivals, mountain climbs, homestays, and unique opportunities to experience life in traditional tribal communities, making it perfect for eco and rural tourism. Nagaland has just been available to international travellers for the last fifteen years, making it mostly “undiscovered” and a genuine adventure hotspot. 
  • Sikkim- Sikkim is a very unique combination of many communities’ religions, customs, and traditions. Sikkim has been occupied by three tribes from ancient times:  the Bhutias, the Lepchas, and the Nepalese. Even now, they continue to shape Sikkim’s people’s group and culture. Starting with the Dubdi Monastery and proceeding on to the Rabdentse ruins, Sikkim’s legacy plays a significant part in the Buddhist religious pilgrimage circuit. Sikkim’s wood carvings are a sign of India’s authentic art. Symbols and icons carved in wood may be seen on monasteries and structures across Sikkim. Sikkimese cuisine is complemented with locally fermented beverages such as Arra and Chaang / Tongba. Meat is consumed by the majority of Sikkimese people. The state’s mask dance is also shown in wood sculptures. Outstanding masks made of wood and paper-mâché are available.
  • Manipur- Manipur is known as a “Jewelled Land” because it is encircled by nine hills, each with a naturally formed oval-shaped valley in the centre. Traditions,  music, dancing styles, and rich food are all celebrated in this magnificent state. Women in Manipur wear Innaphi and Phanek, which are Manipuri traditional dresses. These garments were worn by all Manipuri ladies. Phanek is slung across the shoulders like a sarong. The horizontal line motifs on the Manipuri garment are weaved by hand. The majority of the state is covered in woods, which are home to some of the world’s most endangered flora and animals. A typical Manipuri supper includes the following dishes: steaming rice, kangsoi, ooti, nga atioba thongba, kanghou, and eromba. This state is undoubtedly one of the best in your North east India Tour packages.
  • Meghalaya- Meghalaya, often known as the Abode of Clouds, is a state in north-east India that is home to some of the world’s most diverse ecosystems. The state is known for many things, including its spectacular monsoons, rich cultural festivities, and breathtaking landscape. Meghalaya is a lovely and unpredictable place, with its pure surroundings, lush green valleys, and intriguing nature trails making it a great and soothing vacation spot. The Laho Dance is a Meghalayan traditional dance. This northeastern state is known for its celebrations, music, and cheery attitude. To commemorate these festivities, tribal people get together in groups. Rice along with spicy meat and seafood dishes is the people’s primary diet. They raise ducks, pigs, goats, birds, and cows and enjoy the meat they produce. 

Mizoram- Mizoram is a must visit state in your North east India Tour packages, known for its evergreen highlands and dense bamboo jungles. The hills are crisscrossed with rushing rivers and towering glittering waterfalls, earning them the name “Land of Blue Mountains.” Hmuifang Tlang is an outstanding hill station with a lot of tourists. It is one of the most picturesque sites in Mizoram. Hmuifang is a hill town in the state of Mizoram, located 50 kilometres from the city capital of Aizawl. Pawl Kut, Chapchar Kut, and Mim Kut are three well-known festivals in Mizoram. All three Mizoram festivals come in the arrival of spring with feasts and stunning traditional dance displays, and they all focus around agriculture. Mizoram’s cuisine is similar to that of other northeastern and northern Indian states.

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