Why is Haridwar a favored destination for Hindus?

a favored destination

Haridwar- a favored destination stands for the way to God. As the name suggests, it is one of the most sacred cities in India flanked by the holy Ganges. The historical city is the place of temples, ghats, ashrams, and other preferred sites of Hindu pilgrims. The holy City gets visited by multiple tourists and devotees throughout the year. As per reports, the footfall in the City rise at the time of Kumbh Mela.      visit here

The fair gets organized every 12 years. – a favored destination

Flanked by the river Ganges, Hari ki Pauri is one of the most sought-after places in Haridwar. The other name of the place is Gangadwar, where the river Ganges enters the plain after leaving the mountain. 

As per mythology, if you take a DIP in the river, all your sin get washed away. It is worth noting that Haridwar is not just about spirituality. It is a paradise for adventure lovers as well. 

If you want to participate in rafting, you can go to Rishikesh. Rishikesh is just 23 km from Haridwar. 

Try out the delicious Kachori at Kashyap Kachoriwala and aloo puri at Puriwale at Haridwar, if you wants to enjoy local food. You can purchase spiritual books at Moti Bazar and Bara Bazar.

When can you go for the Haridwar – a favored destination tour packages?

If you want to participate in the festivals of Haridwar, you can book Haridwar tour packages during the months of Summer. Kumbh Mela, Kanwar Mela, and Ramnavami get celebrated in the months of Summer. If you want to enjoy sightseeing, you can go when the sun is not Harsh. 

Planning to go to Haridwar? You can plan the visit in the months of October to February. Be sure to come with woolens because winter is chilly here. It is the time when the sun shines on your back and makes you feel comfy. You can go shopping and sightseeing. 

Things to see at Haridwar- a favored destination

You can visit the Hilltop Temple. The place is devoted to Chandi which is believed to be the form of Lord Durga. You need to Trek 45 km after climbing a steep Stairway to reach the Temple. If you want to go for a wild safari, you can visit the Rajaji National Park, which is the Tiger Reserve.

Next, you can plan a visit to  the Bharat Mata temple. The temple is devoted to India. 

The temple comes with a map of the country portrayed as a four-armed Hindu goddess that was a garland, book, and White cloth. You can also visit the Patanjali Yogapeeth. It is a research and medical institution. 

Things to do on the Haridwar tour 

As mentioned earlier, Haridwar is the home of Hindu temples. You can go to the Mansha Temple as she is a wish-fulfilling goddess. The Chandi Temple on the Neel Parvat and Mansa temple on the Ganges river bank are some of the places to visit. Haridwar is not just a place for spirituality. You can take part in tracking, mountaineering, rafting, and more. For rafting, you can go to Rishikesh, which is 23 km from Haridwar. If you plan to go to Haridwar, consider visiting the Rajaji National Park for a wildlife Safari. If you want to go shopping, buy Copper and brass Puja thali.

How to go to Haridwar

If you want to book a flight from Kolkata to Haridwar, land at Jolly Grant Airport.

Ir is the shortest route to Haridwar. Jolly Grant Airport gets well-connected to Delhi, and you get multiple flights from there. Haridwar junction allows you to book a train from Dehradun and Delhi to reach the place. If you want to reach Haridwar from Delhi, you can take a bus. Whether you are from Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Delhi, or Lucknow, you can reach Haridwar via Railway. If you are from Uttarakhand, you can take a taxi to reach Haridwar. Renting cabs to reach Haridwar is affordable as well. 

Things to eat at the Haridwar 

If you want to taste street food at Haridwar, you can go for the aloo puri. In particular, Aalu Puri has Indian bread. It comes with aloo ki sabji And has halva on the side. If you visit Hoshiarpur, Chotiwala restaurant, you can try out the delicious dish. If you have a sweet tooth, consider having ras malai and jalebi in Haridwar. 

You may even try out Rabri. It is a delicious sweet served in Haridwar. 

It gets boiled in pure ghee. If you adore dairy products, you can try out a couple of milk items in Haridwar.

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