Achieving World Peace With Essay

Achieving World Peace

Your life is a series of experiences. And sometimes your life experiences can be life-altering. That’s why it’s important to write things down and share your experience with others.

You can also take a lesson from this. By writing an essay on your thoughts, you will get an idea of what you would like to write in the future, and you will gain more knowledge to share with others. And achieving world peace is one of such things. It is no wonder that tutors often ask students to write essays on this topic. If it is your case, then keep reading – we will explain how to approach this assignment better, or you can always reach out to professional writers from Essayswritings for help.

What to Start Essay Writing With?

You’ve just been assigned an essay on the topic of achieving world peace, right? Your assignment is to explain the causes of the world’s current situation. In most cases, an essay theme is not so strict, and you might be allowed to choose an alternate topic.

You might want to re-think your assignment. It is not likely that you’ve been called on to write about something that has nothing to do with peace. Unless you have to write about world peace, it’s likely that the world is in a far better condition than it was when you started reading this: it’s a more peaceful place. The situation is unlikely to change so fast.

You can urge us to defend the current state of affairs. Your friends and your family might be on the other side of this divide, so in order to be a good writer, you need to do some research. (Sildenafil) And here are a couple of options to consider:

  • You can look for the causes of the war in Iraq and the war in the Middle East;
  • You can investigate the economic and political motives for poverty;
  • You can look into the reasons for the high unemployment rate and the decline in life expectancy;
  • You can even take some kind of survey to find out what people feel are the reasons for bad health and the high rate of disease. 

If you want to write about world peace, it might be hard to find a good starting point. But there is one thing that you can find very useful for your thesis statement. If the war in Iraq was started because of oil, if you will, the lack of economic development in the Middle East and the political unrest in the Middle East are the result of the war in Iraq.

The U.S. government wanted to control all of the oil in Iraq and the Middle East and then force economic development on those countries.

The main problems for the world right now are oil and the economy. If you write about the peace in the world, you’re talking about the people in the world. You can talk about their health and about the economic state of their lives, and how the economy affects their lives. You can talk about the government’s involvement in the economy, and you can dive deep into how the economy affects other countries. 

You can research the political problems with government and political change and political ideas, or you can talk about religious differences, like the tension between Christians and Muslims and between Muslims and Jews. It is up to you what direction to follow and what to write in an essay. There are no strict rules unless your teacher requested something special.

Achieving World Peace

The world is in terrible shape today, and it’s not going to get any better. World peace is unlikely because the world is a very unstable place. The situation was better back when humans roamed the earth in peace and were not destroying themselves and their world. As soon as one tribe or nation, or even one individual, tried to conquer others, there were constant wars between warring tribes or nations. 

The human race has learned to build weapons that will inflict great damage and will also kill people. Today, the human race is killing itself through war. But if you can understand the warring tribes, you can find ways to solve the problems of today. And that is the goal of this essay.

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