Buying quality medicines online-What should you know?

quality medicines

Medicines treat health problems and allow the person who uses them to get healthy again. However, if they are not up to the quality, fake, they can cause even more problems. Thus, knowing what to watch out for when buying medicines online is essential. Next, we give some care tips when buying medicine that we should all follow to avoid buying products without origin or quality medicines .

  • Do not buy medicines without medical advice

Self-medication is not desirable. Doctors and other health professionals warn us daily, even if you can buy the drug without a prescription. Thus, the first step to ensuring the quality of medicines is to seek medical advice. It is possible to take advantage of the consultation with a medical professional to find out about its format, available quantities, whether you can replace it with generics, etc.

A genuine online pharmacy asks you to upload your prescription on their website so that you can buy prescription drugs legally and efficiently. Know that you can get PricePro Pharmacy prescription discounts of up to 80%. Online pharmacies should also provide access to a pharmacist with whom the customer can ask questions.

  • Only buy medicines approved by the government

The online pharmacy cannot legally market the unapproved medicines in the country. Therefore, you can only find those unapproved medicines in places that do not operate within the law. In these cases, the drugs’ chance is counterfeit is even more significant, as there is no enforcement over them. It is worth mentioning that the marketing of medicines follows several rules. Among them are prescriptions.

  • Choose to buy them in a known place

First, it is good to remember that only a physical store has the right to sell medicines. The organization can only sell drugs online if it has one or more physical drug stores. The organization can sell the medication online through a website or an app. On the other hand, third-party websites work like delivery apps. You order medicines, and they bring you the medication from their registered stores.

It is always good to have trusted pharmacies. If you purchase over the internet, the site must use the domain .com or, besides informing the following data on the main page –


  • Corporate name
  • Physical store address
  • Opening hours
  • Telephone
  • Name and Council registration number of the responsible pharmacist
  • License number or permit issued by a municipal or health surveillance agency


  • Observe the packaging and appearance of the drug

Medicines must come in the original box, which will contain the product name, manufacturer/laboratory name, number of pills, and the weight of each one (or the amount of liquid, if it is syrup). The packaging must also contain the registration number, the expiration date and the batch number of the drug. 


The box must have a security seal, barcodes, and a small blank board. When making the purchase, it is essential to ask for and keep the invoice, the packaging and the medicine pack or bottle. They serve as proof.




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