An essential guide to becoming a microblogger on Instagram 

microblogger on Instagram 

If you are a novice and have no experience in Instagram blogging, you may be perplexed at the first go. Instagram blogging is nothing but some aspects of microblogging clubbed interestingly.  It comes with limitations in terms of captions and word limits. Hence, it is very different from traditional blogging and has given a new opening to various bloggers interested in this avenue. Instagram bloggers have more than 15,000 engaged users and are making huge revenues by way of sponsored posts. When you see these and get motivated, you must be thinking about how to go about the process? The answer is very straightforward. By following valuable tips and tricks provided by experts, you can emerge as a well-known microblogger on  Instagram.

Various entrepreneurs use Instagram as a blogging site for selling their products and services. If you share the same goal, you must develop a proper strategy for going about the process. The popular social media outlet provides you with an easy setup with unlimited exposure. It is a perfect platform for creating brand awareness and building the foundation. However, you must be consistent in your attitude and develop a creative mind for making your brand stand out in the competition. You have to keep in mind that you cannot waste time on this forum. The moment you have decided, you are good to go.

Your step-by-step guide to Instagram blogging

Blogging is a broad arena that includes photography, writing, and other media for publishing a brand. It is more like a diary-style entry with a touch of interaction. The act of turning your IG into a blog is very different from regular content. Informal language, frequent updates, and opportunities are the hallmark of blogging. It is all directed towards engaging the audience and starting a conversation. Hence, you must take the following steps seriously:

  •   Create an Instagram account: It comes without saying that you cannot start your blogging without an Instagram account. It does not take much time and is available free of cost. However, you have to invest your time in deciding the username and the password. Instagram is very different from other social media outlets as you may change the username at a later stage. For getting started on the Instagram account, you have first to download the application. After receiving the verification email, you have to create the username along with a password. Following this, you are all set for your blogging activity.
  •   Select the niche: When you are blogging on the Instagram platform for gaining consistent development. You have to decide on the place. You cannot serve the vast audience in the first go. You have to narrow down your target audience so that you do not confuse yourself later on. A valuable point for building your brand is to identify the target customers. Hence, only after careful consideration can you select the niche. You may alter the focus later on. However, when you are initiating the process, you must be clear about your niche.
  •   Create an engaging bio: You have to create an attractive and captivating memoir for starting the process. It is nothing but the small text which lies below the picture on the Instagram profile. When the users visit the Instagram profile, they view the photo, profile, post, and the like. Hence, they get exposure to your bio over here. It works as your identity card. When you make the biography exciting and engaging, it gives a sneak peek into the brand. Give relevant information regarding your contact details so that your followers can get in touch with you later on.
  •   Go for attractive images: Attractive images are all you require for showcasing your substance. The photos you share must be of high quality and style. They must have aesthetic sense and give a cohesive background to the profile. You may also take pictures from the Internet and use them in your Instagram profile. Many of them do not require attribution as well. However, restricting yourself to only your photographs should not be the choice.
  •   The context of the blog post: The content or the written part of the blog post is the main driving force over here. In the caption, you must share interesting statements and catchy lines. An engaging line will do the job. You have to consider the quality of writing so that you can engage with your followers. Since blogging is limited in terms of words, you have to keep it short and informative. Try to use thought-provoking sentences and attractive lines in the caption. Use fine lines to grab the reader’s attention and try to think outside the box. A creative approach is much more desirable.

After you have worked on the content, you have to use relevant hashtags to boost discoverability. Hashtags are small phrases or words. It allows the user to find your post easily. By using relevant hashtags, you increase brand visibility and awareness. 


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