4 Things you need to know if you are applying for ICICI bank credit card

Credit Card

The world is advancing every day and welcoming a fast-paced workaholic lifestyle, which needs updated banking systems. Leading world banks are constantly updating their working habits and indulging in some quality programmed systems to avail the users with better monetary practices. The introduction of credit cards had proved to be revolutionary in the long run both to the banks and the users. ICICI Bank is a leading global name in the banking industry, stepped up with the first contactless credit card. Offering various benefits and services to the users, ICICI bank is welcoming uncountable credit card application. Here is a detailed write up on all you need to know before applying for the ICICI bank credit card.

Types of Credit cards:

According to the needs of the customers, the ICICI bank offers more than five types of credit cards. Each of the cards validates different uses and offers as per usage. The listing below top five credit cards that one may apply for.

  1. Coral Contactless Card- Curated specially for all the movie lovers, the coral contactless cards have a key feature.paying an annual fee of 500 INR, the card offers the users two movie tickets each month on the Book My Show app.
  2. Platinum Chip Card- The chip card can be used to avail benefits by all those having a vehicle. At any HPCL oil pumps, the fuel surcharge will 1 percent for the cardholders.
  3. Manchester United Platinum Credit Card- All the football lovers out there, it’s time to cheer! With an annual fee of 499INR, the cardholder receives a branded Manchester United football as an add up.
  4. Sapphiro Credit Card- We all love shopping and travelling. Coping to our thirst, the Sapphiro credit card benefits the user with a 10,000 rupee travel voucher on applying. The annual fee charged is 3,500 INR only.
  5. Make My Trip Platinum Card- Travel too frequently? ICICI bank has got your back. One will get MMT BLACK membership accompanied with the Lemon Tree hotel voucher worth 2000INR.

All of them already sounds great, but ICICI banks have a lot more to offer, once one matches the criteria for application.

Credit Card Application Criteria:

Moving on with the credit card application process, the applicants need to match certain eligibility and provide documentation to enjoy the benefits of the credit card. Though each type of credit card offered by ICICI bank demands different documents, the mandatory eligibility and papers are listed as follows.

  1. The applicant must be 21 years or more and must not be above 65 years of age group.
  2. The applicant must be a member of India or an NRI.
  3. The applicant must provide government authorised documentation of their identity and address. The Adhar card, Voter ID card, Passport, Utility bills are to be submitted for the same.
  4. The proof of the individual’s income must be submitted as well. Bank statements, salary slips are a must for the same.

That is not must hassle applying for ICICI bank credit cards. Once one is ready with all the above document and criteria, he/she is finally ready to apply.

Application for Credit Card:

With the digital India attaining peak with each passing day, the online application for credit cards is no big step to be bothered about. Visiting the official website of the ICICI bank and following a few easy steps is all you need to do. The listing below contains the details for a better understanding.

  1. Log in to the official website.
  2. Fill up the necessary personal details.
  3. Choose from the list of credit cards that the bank offers.
  4. Once the eligibility and criteria’s match, you can apply for the credit card filling up the application form online.

Once you have completed all the steps from the comfort of your own home, the ICICI credit card application status can also be tracked online. The field personnel will visit your doorstep to issue the card after the proper verification of the documents from their end. That is the least hassle you need to deal with after completion of a few easy steps. Banking has indeed proved that it eases over time.


Once the application is processed and the user is issued with the credit card, finances become easy to handle with lots of benefits on each use. As per the company rules, ICICI bank allows the user to gain points on every card swipe. The points can be redeemed as gifts and vouchers further.

  • Bank rewards
  • Handpicked rewards
  • Payback rewards

These are the three types of rewards that the bank offers to the cardholders and appreciate their loyalty towards the bank.

Bounded by top security check codes, the user can easily keep his credit cards safe from all kinds of thefts. Self-discipline and proper consciousness should be topped to avoid any hindrance during card usage. One may also get in touch with the bank support any time to seek help, simply by calling the toll free number 1800 200 3344.

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