Top 5 Negative Heel Shoes for Men and Women in 2019

Negative Heel Shoes

When there are so many old trends coming back in fashion, why should the negative heel shoes get left behind? This kinds of shoes were famous during the later half of the 20th century and you will find the markets full of these again.

People are now tired of high-heel shoes and want a change to relax their feet. The negative heel technology not only makes your walk full of comfort but also helps you have better sleep. Let us find out all the reasons why you should try these shoes and the best products.

Benefits of Negative Heel Shoes

The negative heel shoes are here to offer the comfort that heel shoes seldom offer. We have seen far too many heel shoes that have the best design and complement clothes but are not comfortable enough.

The negative heel shoes are elevated but not like stilettoes. The toe area for negative heels is made higher by 3. (howefarmstn) 7 degrees compared to the original feel area. This implication offers health benefits like:

  • Reduce back pressure and helps walk without pain
  • The heels are not tight so it is much more comfortable to carry
  • Helps you get rid of carbs that could have turned into fat. These shoes help you work out as you’re walking so it benefits your fitness level too. These shoes make you exert and helps you burn calories.

Some people might find these shoes difficult to wear, but you will get used to it after a few walks. Negative heel shoes are recommended for people suffering from diabetes.

Best negative heel shoes

Check out the top five types of negative heel shoes that you can buy from the market right away. These work well for people who have gone through fracture or surgery in the foot, and definitely good for keeping foot in good health.

1. Skechers Performance Go Run Ride Running

For: Women

The pair of shoes are flexible, light, and makes you fly. The kind of cushioning and feet support helps you have a tireless run. The breathable surface offers a dry and cool environment for your foot.

The synthetic outsole offers a firm grip and helps runners have a good performance. It helps you lace up to ensure that your feet are secured. With complete cushioning this pair of shoes is as much for regular wear that much for runners. The shoes come in an amazing color scheme and have an elegant appearance that makes it look attractive and catchy.

2. Kalso Earth Harvest

For: Women

The Kalso’s pair of shoes comes with an exceptional negative heel and known for its durability. It gives a complete aesthetic appearance on the outside, while the premium leather sock lining ensures dryness on the inside. The product is pungent free, comfortable to use, and gives you overall satisfaction.

You can remove the soles to enhance flexibility. The heel padding with the help of recycled PU foam and rubber outsole improves grip while running. You can wear the sole straight away for 24 hours as it gives you incredible comfort. People who are overweight or have back problems can also wear this and find comfort.

3. Earth Origins Rory Slip-on Shoes

For: Women

The Women’s Earth Origin’s pair of sporty shoes don’t just give you a worthy aesthetic appeal but also the perfect feel. The upper leather and fabric lining make it look great while the adjustable hook-loop tech ensures the perfect closure!

You get adequate space on the upper sole that offers airflow and good health for your feet. It also offers completes luxury and comfort. The negative heels for rubber outsole give you an amazing grip and durability. They have a cushioned footbed that gives the perfect arch support and complete comfort for users.

4. Chung-Shi Comfort Step Sport li

For: Men

The Chung-Shi Comfort Step is the next fitness product you need to buy for yourself. The design has been created to offer supportive balance, muscle toning, better blood circulation, the formative effect on foot architecture, and much more.

If you compare this pair with the regular shoes, you will find this one distributes the weight of your feet biomechanically. The angled sole helps transfer body balance from your heel to toe and offers natural running or walking movements. The product gives you the ultimate comfort, adjustment, durability, and deserves all the demand its getting.

5. Brook Revel Shoes

For: Men

Looking for lightweight and minimalist pair of shoes? Then Brook Revel’s pair is perfect for you. From light workouts to steep hikes, this pair is perfect for all. The soft and bouncy cushioning gives you complete comfort during usage.

The reason why you should buy it is that it is painless and is perfect for flat feet. The toe-box gives you enough space and the toe-splay offers comfort and satisfying your feet. The product gives you quality performance, an elegant appearance, and lets you buy it at a cheap price.

Pros of Negative Heel Shoes

  • The negative heel shoes come with a unique design, wide arch support and enough space to allow toe movement. These features help you walk, run, and jog comfortably.
  • Many users validate that these shoes help relieve back pain from improper posture due to driving, sitting, or weight lifting.
  • Helps you burn calories when walking, running, or jogging.
  • Shoes have a thin sole and let you breathe comfortably.
  • Can help you get rid of a long-time back problem.
  • Helps expanse muscles while walking

Cons of Negative Heel Shoes

  • Not good for people who have chronic back pain. You must consult a doctor before buying shoes for yourself if you have this condition.
  • Not good for people who have flat feet or short calf muscles.
  • Not good for people with diabetes and also have an ulcer on the bottom of their feet.

Final thoughts

According to California College of Pediatric Medicine, over 70% of people won’t face problems wearing negative heels. People with major conditions need to consult a doctor before trying this out. If you don’t have any chronic condition it is time you bring back the 70’s style with this pair of stylish shoes.

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