Are Butterfly Knife Illegal In California

Are Butterfly Knife Illegal In California


A person must be aware of the laws of every place before trading or using any product. Many want to know that are butterfly knife illegal in California or not. Now many who are not acquainted with the butterfly knives might be shocked to hear this question because they might think that the butterfly knife is a product that is just like other knives. But this is not the case at all.

A person must look at the state guideline before taking and using any blade. This will help you understand whether the blade in question is deadly enough or not and whether it is perfect for use by the general public or will it have harmful effects on the community.

Every state and country has certain guidelines regarding the different products. The allowances and the prohibitions change with the change in the states. If we talk about California, we will know that the state also has some laws regarding butterfly knives. In this article, you will find all the required details.

Are Butterfly Knife Illegal In California

if we want to check the legality of the butterfly knives in a state such as California, we will come to know that it is important that we go through the penal codes. Thus, if we observe, we will know that under the California state Penal Code 21510 PC, the butterfly knives are categorized as switchblades or a form of switchblades.

Are Butterfly Knife Illegal In California

Therefore, according to the state laws carrying these knives or possessing them in public is illegal. Also, if we talk about the trading of these knives, then the selling and transferring of these knives are also illegal, according to these legislations.

Once you think of any phenomenon to be prohibited by any state, the next thing you are curious about is the sentence that one might get served with if he or she violates that particular legislation. Therefore, if we talk about the usage of the butterfly knives, the violation can make you get a tour to the prison for a maximum of six months.

What To Do Regarding The Butterfly Knives

It is of the utmost importance that since the state laws are clear, therefore, the public should not tend to violate these guidelines. Also, as a responsible citizen, it is of the utmost importance that you go through the list of all the weapons charges so that you are aware of the details when you are equipped with an illegal element, then how can you respond to it.

What To Do Regarding The Butterfly Knives

Also, suppose you are found guilty of carrying the butterfly knives. In that case, no other attorney will be able to help you out. You might be forced to acquire the services of the criminal lawyers to get rid of the charges against you. Also to defend you so that you might get served with a lower sentence.

Why The Butterfly Knives Are Illegal In California

When we come across the fact that the butterfly knives are illegal in California, then there are thousands of questions circulating in our minds about why the state deemed them illegal. Thus, if we look at the basic details, we will come to know that under two different sections of the California state penal code, section 21510 and 17235 PC, these butterfly knives are declared illegal.

Why The Butterfly Knives Are Illegal In California

If we take a look, we will know that the penal code has restrictions that help us understand that all the blades that exceed the maximum length of 2 inches are illegal. Thus, you are not allowed to use it in any circumstance. Some of the events are mentioned below that will help you understand in which circumstances the butterfly knife is illegal.

  • You cannot carry this knife or conduct trading, such as selling or purchasing.
  • If you own one, you are not allowed to offer it for sale or loan to any other person.
  • Also, if you want to transfer it to another person, the laws strictly prohibit you from doing so.
  • Especially if you are passing this knife to another person on the road and in a public area in front of any automobile, then this is also illegal.

What Are The Duties Of The Prosecution?

When we talk about serious crimes, then the prosecution’s job is extremely difficult to prove the allegations against the culprit. But when we talk about the butterfly knives, then the prosecution’s job is much easier than anticipated. The prosecution has to prove that the culprit possessed the switchblade. It was found on his body or in the vehicle.

Also, it rests upon the shoulders of the prosecution to prove that the knife also possesses the switchblade feature. They might be asked to prove whether the defendant had the knife or not. Also are there any indications that suggest that he intended to use it as a weapon or not. They are categorized as switchblades because they can be easily opened, and no catch would prevent them from opening. Thus, they can be used for many serious street crimes.

The Difference Between A Normal Knife And A Butterfly Knife

Since the laws are too strict, there are chances of getting a 6-month sentence. It is important that the public is aware of how they can differentiate between the normal and butterfly knives. So, according to the available details, the butterfly knives are pocket knives with foldable blades that can be easily concealed. You might also find a latch used to keep the handles together. The blades are opened with a flick of the wrist.

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Are butterfly knife illegal in California or not is a million-dollar question that the public must be acquainted with. By knowing these details, you can avoid any contact with such controversial products. This article contains all the information that will help you understand the legislation regarding the butterfly knives in California state.

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