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Also known as The Sunday Independent, Ashland Daily Independent is a newspaper that has taken it upon itself to ensure that the communities that surround it have access to relevant information about what is ongoing in the neighborhood. This newspaper is basically a morning daily newspaper. Although this newspaper is now known as Ashland Daily Independent, it used to be known as The Independent from 2003-2015. This newspaper, which is printed every day of the week, covers all the happenings in Ashland and is released to the populace in the morning. Apart from supplying Ashland with the latest happenings, this daily newspaper also covers Boyd County and Kentucky.

Ashland Daily Independent newspaper is a newspaper that has gone through various stages and has had a change of name at different points in time. At its inception on the 17th of December, 1896, this daily newspaper was known as the Tri-State Independent. After being in existence and doing quite well for a long time, this newspaper relocated to Ashland. This took place in 1990. This move saw it acquire the Ashland Commercial, a local newspaper in Ashland and changed its name to Ashland Daily Newspaper.

After relocating to Ashland, this newspaper became successful. It got so successful that it acquired a newspaper known as Ashland Daily News. Some months after acquiring its competitor paper, it stopped the publication of Ashland Daily News.

Although Ashland Daily Independent had a reputation for publishing news in the morning on weekends and in the afternoon during the week, in May 2003, it began publishing only in the mornings. That’s not all; it also went on to put out “Sunday,” as well as “Daily” out of its name.

Over the years, Ashland Daily Independent has been owned by various people. One of them happened to be Colonel B.F. Forgery. A naïve of Ohio. Although Colonel B.F Forger is not the only one that has led this newspaper in the capacity of an owner, under him, Ashland Daily independent newspaper saw a good level of growth. Between the years of 1910 to 1952, the newspaper enjoyed massive growth with Colonel B.F Forgey in charge.

Although it is common knowledge that Ashland Daily Independent newspaper is very successful and has been successful for a long time, seeing various degrees of success, not many people are aware of how successful it has been. In 1920, Ashland Daily Independent newspaper had a circulation that was about 3500. While this was considered good at the time, it is nothing much when compared to over 20,000 copies in circulation which it enjoyed in 1955. Although having a circulation of 20,000 was great for a newspaper, Ashland daily independence did not stop at this. It went on to have a circulation of more than 25, 000 in 1980.

Daily Independent newspaper is doing well at the moment. It, however, is not experiencing as much growth as it did in the 1900s. This is perhaps because of an increase in competition.

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