How wireless network influences our life?

Wireless network

Have you ever thought, why you fret when the curves of the Wi-Fi signal stop showing up? Your smartphone doesn’t show the brim and you frantically look for a better network. Well, most of us try to resolve this problem immediately not realizing how depended we are on the wireless network. This is the basic way of acknowledging the impact of wireless connectivity in our lives.

Most of us have been a part of the era when communication was land-based. We relied on cables and lines which were laid across the ground. It was a limited service and needed lots of wires to keep us connected. The current generation only uses the wireless network that works with the help of electromagnetic waves. Let us find out, how the evolution of wireless connectivity has brought in a complete shift in our digital world.

Reasons why we can’t do without wireless network

Check out how types of wireless network brought in a digital revolution:

1. Household services

Earlier, getting household services needed you to manually look for people and plead them for help. If you wanted cleaning services, an electrician or a plumber, you had to use a telephone directory to find a number and then call.

With the help of wireless connectivity of smartphone apps, you can now get any service you want over the internet. These services are much more reliable and cost-effective as you can compare different vendors.

2. E-commerce

E-commerce usage has risen mostly because of the rise in wireless connectivity. Nowadays, everything can be purchased online – be it large electronic appliances or fresh fruits and vegetables.

E-commerce platforms have enabled the delivery of all kinds of goods right to your doorstep. The entire world has now shifted to shopping online rather than visiting stores in person.

Wireless connectivity has led to the development of a large network of logistics and delivery services. Delivery services these days include almost everything ranging from gift parcels and packages to food.

The access to such delivery services has also improved thanks to wireless connectivity. You can get food or packages delivered through your smartphone using wireless internet services.

3. Repair services

Sometimes, you may need to get something urgently repaired. This can be a tedious task as you may have to manually take that item to the repair shop to get it repaired. This becomes problematic when the item that needs to be repaired is large like a car or a fridge.

Thankfully, repair services are now available online so you can reach out to them over the internet and ask them to visit your residence. You can even compare different portals and even pick the vendor that is giving you the best price.

4. Booking tickets

Booking train or flight tickets was a hassle earlier – at least a story of long queues and unending wait. You had to visit a travel agent who charges a commission or you had to visit the airport or the train station. Through the internet, you can book your tickets from the comfort of your home.

Even with the advent of the internet, if you booked a ticket using the internet then you had to report an hour early for the movies. With an increase in wireless connectivity, you can now use apps to book your tickets and just scan the QR code before you enter. This saves a lot of time and also money since you can just show up when the movie starts with the QR code on your phone.

5. Dining

Wireless connectivity has transformed the fine dining industry. You can now easily order food online and a delivery executive comes over with your favorite food within an hour. You no longer need to wait for hours and hours to get a table at your favorite restaurant.  Just book a table through the internet and reach on time to claim your reservation. They will let you walk in and occupy a table immediately due to the prior booking. This saves you a lot of time when you can’t tolerate your hunger pangs.

6. New technology

Wireless connectivity has heavily boosted the advent of newer technologies. This is because companies now have greater access to their customers using wireless devices. Thus, they are developing newer technologies based on the demand of the consumers. There are new platforms that cater to the ever-changing needs of the current population. Wireless connectivity has boosted the growth of newer technologies that rely on wireless connectivity for their usage and access.

7. Storage

Wireless communication can completely transform how people store their data. You no longer need to set up local storage devices or buy hard disks to store all your data. You can just use your wireless connectivity to store your data in the cloud. Then you can use a hand-held device to access your data in the cloud whenever you want and wherever you want. This saves you a lot of time and money as cloud subscriptions are much cheaper as compared to buying storage devices.

8. Consumption patterns

Wireless connectivity has completely transformed the consumption patterns of the world. Earlier, people responded well to visual branding but now they respond better to online branding.

Social media is a hot cake and they work better than expensive billboards. People now order a host of products online as compared to the earlier preference of shopping from stores. Companies and firms have evolved to match their products to the changing consumption patterns.

9. Accessibility

The wireless network has greatly improved accessibility. Earlier, you had to buy from limited options available in stores near you. Now you can get everything in the world in just a few clicks. You can order whatever you want and from any part of the world. Additionally, wireless communication has made everything available everywhere.

10. Software development

Wireless communication has made software development grow at an exponential pace. As computers, applications and wireless communication enter every facet of our lives, the right software is needed to keep them running and to manage them

A lot of new software has come up to cater to the demand of the people and to keep the services up and running. Software development helps the service industry grow more than ever before.

Final thoughts

You are no stranger to wireless communication and you have felt its effects in your daily life. After reading this article we are sure that you can formally appreciate its value in your life. The wireless network is poised to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming decades as the technological revolution gets better.

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