Breaking My Heart Girl

Breaking My Heart Girl


The world is huge, and if you think you can wrap your fingers around everything happening around you, you are wrong. The trends like breaking my heart girl will make you understand the fact that how the public interacts in the online community and how the online trends can bring people together.

If we talk about social media platforms, such as video-creating applications, we will know that people try to create videos with a song in the background. A single powerful video can bring that song in front of the public, and from that point forward, it is a piece of cake. Now everyone will start using the song and making videos.

Thus we can say that you are one video away from getting trending on TikTok and social media platforms. In this article, you will get to know all the details regarding the famous song Breaking my heart girls and the trend on TikTok.

Why breaking my heart girl is trending

Every online platform has some unique characteristics. Thus, if we look, we will come to know that TikTok is a platform known for the challenge videos. An individual challenges a single task, and people on whole platform across the world try to fulfill that challenge. Sometimes the cover of these challenges is based upon old songs, and sometimes you get fresh music.

The old music and the public queries

Whenever old music is put in the background at such times, the public wants to get to know more about the song. Therefore there are certain queries regarding the song that are trending on the internet regarding songs that are not quite fresh, and therefore the public cannot wrap their finger around them. Therefore they keep posting their queries on online media to get to know which song this is to ease their curiosity.

Going for the essence of the song

We all are well aware that breaking my heart girl videos are trending on the internet. Also, the number of views and likes that these videos have received are insanely high, making us wonder whether similar other songs will have the same effect or not.

Now you might be wondering about the essence of the song. So let us tell you that the song revolves around a breakup story. It tells you how someone broke your heart and went away without caring for your feelings.

The trending videos

Now, if we look at the trending videos with a similar song in the background, we will know that the people on the platform try to lip-sync the song and create the videos. Especially the ones who have recently experienced heartbreak in the sense of love or a friend going away without caring for their feelings.

The sadness and the public response

Since there is a sense of sadness that comes along with this song, the people going through this phase surely understand the feeling and cling to it.  They try to make sure that they can mix it with their feelings and let the world know what they are living through right now.

Why create such videos and the pandemic

Although we have witnessed the people creating videos along this trend do so because a close friend or a love partner has left them halfway, this is not all about the trend.

It has also been witnessed that the song is being used to refer to the last years filled with pandemics where people have lost several loved ones. Since they are never coming back, therefore they are expressing their grief in this way to make sure that their voice reaches the public and they can share the pain and ease the burden on their hearts.

The details of the song

If you are ready to know about the song so let’s break the surprise. If we look, we will come to know that a TikTok user named Jodeci shared this cover. But if we talk about the reality of the song, we will know that it belongs to the Minneapolis R&B band Mint Condition. The song is called Breaking My Heart (Pretty brown eyes).

The important dates regarding the famous song

One of the most surprising facts that will surely open your eyes is nothing else than the fact that the song is not new. It was published in 1991. Also, if we talk about the video being uploaded on YouTube, we will know that it was done in 2009 after, 18 years of the release of the famous song.

A widespread trend

If you think that the trend of this song is limited to TikTok only, then you are highly mistaken because it has also spread to other platforms. Now, if you open the Twitter handle and search for it, you will find that three are several discussions regarding this song and how it affects the general public’s thoughts and feelings. You can go for the reviews of the public, and they will surely leave you dumbfounded at the end of the day.

Why the song is going viral

Now you might be wondering about the fact that what is so special about this song that makes it go viral within moments. So if we analyze the song, we will come to know that the music is good, but nothing can beat the lyrics because they are truly amazing. It feels like they know everything about you. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that you listen to it carefully and feel every single word, and you will surely not regret doing this.

Listen and feel

If you have suffered some harsh moments in recent times, this song surely can make your tears fall and bring out the pain inside your heart that you have been hiding from the whole world till now. Thus the impact of this song is far greater than anticipated.

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Breaking my heart girl song is the true way to share your feelings with the public, and surely you will find the public showing the scars on their hearts and sharing the harsh times they have been through. If you have a minute, then you can also become a part of this challenge. We are looking forward to this challenge to go viral and global.

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