Buying a Property in Bodrum? What You Need to Know


Turkey boasts numerous cities that are enticing to overseas investors. With that said, there is one area that stands out more than others: Bodrum. This coastal city is Turkey’s answer to St Tropez. 

Combining modern landscapes with ancient history, there’s a great deal of fascination that surrounds Bodrum. Along with a laid-back vibe, the city blends together different cultures for a vibrant, inviting destination that appeals to everyone from high rollers to retirees. 

If you’re planning to make a real estate purchase in Turkey, Bodrum is a wise choice. However, there are various aspects you need to know about before you start bidding for any properties. 

Why choose Bodrum? 

If you think about real estate investment in Turkey, the common thought is to go with Istanbul. While Istanbul has many advantages in its own right, there are several reasons why Bodrum continues to rocket in popularity for those buying Turkish real estate

Bodrum delivers a relaxing coastal life with a sophisticated edge. There’s ancient history to explore, beaches to enjoy, and hot summer days to soak up the sun. Yalikavak, the opulent marina resort town, is also central for the city’s renowned sailing scene. 

What property options are available in Bodrum?

When you hear that the area is a playground for billionaires due to its yachting and boating scene, it’s understandable to think a Bodrum property is unattainable for the regular investor. The good news, however, is there are many property options available for all budget types. 

If you browse through the properties available at, you will find everything from sea-view apartments to luxurious villas with their own pools. Go with new apartment builds, and you’re likely to also see amenities like security, private parking, and a communal gym. 

What is it like to live in Bodrum? 

Some people may simply view Bodrum as an investment opportunity. Conversely, there are others pondering if Bodrum is right for their residency needs. Yet whether it is an annual summer vacation or a permanent stay, what is the city like in terms of cost, culture, and hospitality? 

Fortunately, the answer is positive for all three points. Even if the rich and famous like to reside in Bodrum, this doesn’t mean prices are pumped up. In fact, the cost of living, just like the rest of Turkey, is low compared to other European destinations. 

Aside from affordability, Bodrum is also known for being a relaxed yet vibrant cultural hotspot. The combination of different cultures helps to cultivate a friendly, hospitable atmosphere that ensures your stay in the city is a comfortable and enjoyable one. 

Is Bodrum suitable for real estate investment?

Ultimately, you don’t want to throw your finances into a money pit. You want to purchase a property that will make your time in Bodrum memorable and provide a nice return on investment when the time comes to sell your property. 

The good news is that Bodrum is great for real estate investment. Property prices remain affordable, while evidence shows they will benefit from long-term appreciation. 


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