Choosing the Best LinkedIn Automation Tools [Octopus CRM vs Dripify]

Choosing the Best LinkedIn Automation Tools [Octopus CRM vs Dripify]

Dripify vs. Octopus CRM, which one is better? If this question is bothering you, fret not! We have got you covered. 

Dripify and Octopus CRM are both popular LinkedIn automation tools used to automate simple tasks on LinkedIn. Many professionals today use these tools to maintain an active presence on their LinkedIn accounts. 

Digitalization and automation have always been two significant components of corporate success. Many experts believe that software automation will be the next big thing. According to numerous studies, 75% of organizations currently employ some type of automation in their operations.

However, selecting the right automation tool is critical to the success of your business. In this article, we compare two of the top-rated LinkedIn automation tools, Dripify, and Octopus CRM, to help you decide which platform is right for you.

Octopus CRM

Founded in 2018, Octopus CRM is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools for prospecting. It can help you view profiles, send out connection requests, endorse skills, and more actions to hundreds of professionals on LinkedIn within minutes. Octopus CRM is compatible with various versions of Linkedin accounts, including free, premium, and sales navigator. 

Octopus CRM offers a variety of features. Here are the primary features of Octopus CRM. 

  1.       Outreach campaigns Automation
  2.       Smart dashboard
  3.       Contact management
  4.       Multi-Account Management
  5.       Lead Scoring
  6.     Lead Nurturing
  7.     Campaign performance and stats tracker


Dripify was founded in 2019 and focused on Linked lead generation and sales closing. The autopilot feature helps you to automate tasks even when your device is switched off. It comes with features to offer you an excellent way to create a robust LinkedIn strategy. Dripify proves to be a great Octopus CRM alternative for sales teams due to its team management functions. Dripify integrates with more than 1000 software such as Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot CRM, Asana, and more. 

Octopus CRM Pros and Cons

Octopus CRM Pros

Octopus CRM is LinkedIn’s premier automation tool for individuals and businesses. It can help any brand reach and retain customers or customers through LinkedIn’s smart automation of simple tasks. Here are some key reasons for choosing Octopus CRM:

  • Find Targeted Leads: With Octopus CRM’s advanced search filters, you can now find ideal customers using search terms specific to your role, skills, and company.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Octopus CRM has an amazing support team that is always online to help you with any issues or problems you may encounter while using the application.
  • Full automation: Octopus CRM is a complete software solution to develop your presence on any LinkedIn platform. You can use it to generate leads, build connections, and improve your relationship with current customers.
  • Easy integration: Octopus CRM allows integration with the powerful LinkedIn sales browser to find new business.
  • Free trial: Octopus CRM comes with a free trial for people who want to try the application before purchasing it.
  • Secure: Octopus CRM does not ask you for your LinkedIn credentials. You always have full control over your LinkedIn account. All your automation services are 100% secure.

Octopus CRM Cons

  • Incomplete training videos: The functionality in Octopus CRM only covers the basics of using the software. There is no advanced tutorial for users to use all features.
  • Limited editing flexibility:  The editing pipeline is not good and has potential signaling options.
  • Limited Support: Support for Octopus CRM is only offered via email. There is no live chat or phone support available. Many people report that it isn’t very good and that it takes a long time for them to react to requests.

Dripify Pros and Cons

Dripify Pros

There are many reasons to use Dripify LinkedIn automation. In the end, it often comes down to your business and how you generate leads. Here are the reasons why Dripify is better than other LinkedIn automation tools:

  • Easy-to-use campaign builder: Dripify LinkedIn automation tool designed to simplify LinkedIn campaigns.
  • Safe Algorithm: Dripify’s specially designed system prevents your account from being banned. 
  • Designed for teams: Dripify’s collaboration feature makes it easy for your organization to use. You can invite your colleagues to work together on drip campaigns. If you are the manager, you can also delegate roles, so everyone knows their role.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: With Dripify, you can track your teammates’ performance, key campaign stats, and conversion rates.

Dripify Cons

  • Not all businesses can benefit from Dripify. The tool is still not perfect, and some things can be improved. Here are some reasons why you may not consider Linkedin automation.
  • No mobile app: Dripify only has a desktop version. You cannot open and view your stats or performance on your phone.
  • No Email Sequence: Dripify has not given any template for sending personalized messages to your subscribers.

Why to choose Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation?

OctopusCRM helps thousands of LinkedIn users simplify their prospecting efforts and grow their business with advanced automation and lead generation tools.

It helps you simplify and automate your tasks on LinkedIn. It is a simple but powerful autopilot for LinkedIn that offers tons of automation features to minimize manual efforts. 

Send bulk messages to hundreds of top-tier connections. Automatically endorse up to 7 skills on the profiles of your LinkedIn contacts. Automatically visit hundreds of user profiles. Now, imagine being able to automatically connect with your audience, then send a thank you message once connection requests are accepted, validate a few skills to warm up those leads, and convert them into customers by sending follow-up messages.

The software allows you to create your own lead generation funnel on LinkedIn.

What are the features of Octopus CRM?

Octopus CRM helps you send automated connection requests to 2nd & 3rd-level connections on the platform. 

They also claim that they want to help you message hundreds of top-tier connections at once, so you can save a lot of time.

They will also help you automatically approve up to seven skills on profiles of people who are already connected to you, and they will help you automatically visit hundreds of new profiles.

They want to help you connect with others, and they want to do it automatically, which we think is one of the best approaches.

Why choosing Octopus CRM over Dripify is a good idea?

Affordable Pricing

Octopus CRM is affordable as compared to Dripify. However, you must consider that Dripify is better for lead generation, while Octopus CRM is a better prospecting tool that helps you automate plenty of LinkedIn tasks.

Octopus CRM’s simple and affordable pricing structure makes it an attractive option for users who just want to experiment with LinkedIn automation. Its affordable price makes it ideal for people who are hesitant about automation and want to try automation tools for the first time.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Dripify – Dripify’s clean interface and easy-to-use controls make it easy for non-technical users to use the platform. However, there is a lack of design and navigation. It may sound subjective, but Dripify’s interface isn’t the most attractive. Maybe it’s the color choice? The navigation system is also not the best. It can be confusing at first. However, they do have great tutorials that explain how to do things on the platform. This is important for customers who don’t like to ask too many questions via email.

Faster than Dripify

Because Octopus CRM is a browser plugin, connecting your LinkedIn account is quicker and faster. The dashboard is also visually beautiful, making the report enjoyable to read. Another reason Octopus CRM’s interface is better rated is that it is simpler to use. The blue icons appear to be very clean and modern.


The automation industry is still in its beginning phase. New tools arrive every year and bring more automation features and usefulness for users. 

Octopus CRM hasn’t changed much over the years, and it currently only allows for minimal automation. So, if you only need to automate basic processes, Octopus CRM is the platform for you. If lead generation and sales are your goals, you should use Dripify, while the Octopus CRM offers better automation for prospecting.

While Octopus CRM is the finest solution for LinkedIn automation efficiency, Dripify is still the easiest, most useful, and data-rich automation tool.

Dripify and Octopus CRM are fantastic tools in general. It’s worth noting that they’re best suited to the duties and requirements you’ll be completing on LinkedIn. Dripify is the tool for you if you want to generate better campaigns without appearing spammy to your clients. However, if you’re more concerned with expanding your reach and generating maximum leads, Octopus CRM can be your best automation tool. 

We hope this post on Dripify vs. Octopus CRM helps you choose the best one as per your brand’s needs. 

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