Ingredients to Look Out in Laundry Detergent


Laundry detergents have come a long way in making our clothes and linens smell fresh and spotlessly clean. But, these laundry products are chemical cocktails that can harm the consumers and the environment. 

Thus, when you wash your laundry, whether at home or through a laundry service, you know which laundry detergent to use. It is time to know which ingredients put you and the environment in preeminent harm. 

Basic Detergent Ingredients

Laundry detergent manufacturers add a secret mixture and ingredients to distinguish their product from another brand. However, not all of their ingredients are safe for you and the environment. Thus, always look out for the ingredients of laundry detergents you are about to choose.


A major component in most laundry detergents. It effectively removes dirt and stains without the need for excessive rubbing. Before, alkalines are produced from plant ashes, but now manufacturers chemically produce alkalies.

Alkaline substances vary in their strength, and the strong alkalies may damage fabrics.


Surfactants are one of the key components of a laundry detergent. It is assigned with removing dirt that does not normally dissolve in water. Know the type of surfactants to buy the best one that works for your laundry conditions. 

Washing clothes with hard water is best with a non-ionic surfactant. But, manufacturers now combine the types of surfactants to complement and boost their product’s cleaning action.

Catalytic Enzymes

Enzymes are naturally occurring but may be processed chemically. The introduction of enzymes into laundry detergent has become efficiently helpful. It has changed how we do laundry; we can wash clothes at lower water temperature and with less detergent. This product innovation aims to save the planet and support sustainable ways.


Several laundry products contain formaldehyde; the toxic chemical applied to preserve dead bodies. This detergent increases your risk of having cancer.

Chlorine Bleach

Bleach is often found on laundry detergents, but most people do not know it is harmful. It is common in laundry products, but some even purchase a separate bleach product and add a couple of bleach to loads of white. 

Chlorine bleach is a skin and lung irritant. It might cause severe caustic burns to your eyes and skin. Be careful. 

Just a tip, if you have sensitive skin, do not go for laundry detergents with dyes and fragrances. These are only for aesthetic appeal. Although fragrances influence your perception of cleanliness, these two are the main causes of skin irritation. Better to be safe than sorry.

Only Purchase the Best Laundry Detergent

It is overwhelming to choose the best laundry detergent when there are hundreds of choices on the grocery shelves. Even your laundry service provider offers several choices of laundry detergent. The best option is only to use the one that suits your needs in terms of effectiveness, form, fragrance preference, and price.

Moreover, if you know which ingredients are harsh and may harm you and the environment, you can easily skip these brands. Get the best laundry results by using the best laundry detergent. 

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