Choosing Your First Pet as a Homeowner

Choosing First Pet as a Homeowner

Buying your first home is a thrilling experience. It is wonderful to finally control your environment. You can finally do whatever you want, and no landlord or parents will interfere. One special thing that people look forward to doing in their own home is having their own pet. Many people wait a very long time to get a pet of their own, and a new house makes it possible. Here is a comparison of the characteristics of some of the most common pets. Perhaps it will help you choosing first pet as a homeowner.

  • Fish: Fish are at the top of this list because fish are incredibly underrated. They deserve more recognition for the excellent pets they are. The benefits of fish are: They stay in their place and have no effect on the rest of the house. They do not smell (with proper care), and they can survive a few days alone. Their enclosures can be magnificent. Especially with some of the wall mounted fish tanks you can get. And, their complex ecosystems and interactions can be fascinating.  The downside of fish is they aren’t going to be that into you, and they rarely learn any tricks.
  • Dogs: If you want something to love you back, get a dog. Dogs are the most relational creature in the world. They are loyal and infinitely forgiving, and they can even be put to work. ( They are also great to cuddle with. The downside of having a dog is that they need to go outside to poop, eat a lot, and require exercise, socialization, and daily care. They also need to be trained and groomed. Very few houses escape being changed in some way with the addition of an indoor dog.
  • Cats: Cats are a pretty good compromise. They can be affectionate when they choose to be, and their needs are few. They also don’t need to go outside. And they are small and eat less than most dogs. Cats are easy, but they have some negatives too. They smell, cat people may deny this, but usually, you can tell when someone has a cat. They also shed, some cats less than others, but cat hair sticks to things, and quite a few people are allergic to cats. Some of your guests will have to stay away if you have a cat.
  • Birds: Birds can be easy or complicated, depending on what you choose. Having a pair of finches in a corner cage will be a minor investment in your time. Having a parrot flying around your house is much more involved. With birds, it is a good idea to work your way up to more complicated types. Overall, there isn’t much downside to birds, but they need specific things, which vary from type to type. There are also some restrictions that need to be observed

Beyond these four types, other choices will be either member of the rodent family or something more exotic like reptiles and giant insects. It depends a lot on your tastes, but if you are looking for a first pet. It is probably best to stick with some of the more common species until you know that you have the time and patience to try something more difficult. 

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