Erens Founding Titan

Erens Founding Titan


The tv series nowadays are more detailed than the ones that were portrayed in the past. Their characters, such as Erens founding titan, are more appealing, and the general public admires their characteristics. If we take a look at the list of the Tv series being aired around the world, we will come to know that the number has crossed thousands and tens of thousands. But out of these bulk number of series and an endless list of names of characters, only a few have been permanently painted on the minds of the general public.

Also, animated series are currently trending because their content is loved by people of all ages, including children and adults. But there are some cases, such as the tv series Attack on Titans, where the characters make history. In such cases, you always look for prominent characters that have played a major role in making the series successful.

Erens Founding Titan And Plot Of The Series

If we take a look, we will know that Eren is one of the most prominent characters in the famous series Attack on Titans. Now according to the available data, it is evident that the current season of the series being aired is the fourth in a row. In this particular season, you will come across a new Eren. This might peak your interest so let us tell you that the famous Eren Jaeger has been successful in reaching the highest mark and attaining the final form.

Erens Founding Titan And Plot Of The Series

Now, most people will be wondering about his new appearance. So let us tell you that Eren was a classic Shonen-style protagonist in the past. But now, in this final form, he has converted into the murderous devil. Now you might consider the way he reached the final stage. So according to the available information, the process through which he attained this appearance is similar to that Marley and Eldia repeated for centuries. By corrupting this method, he was able to turn into something that is an enormous mass of bones and the one with evil intent.

The Journey Of Eren And The Driving Force

Since everyone in the series is determined to achieve something in life. Similarly, if we talk about Eren, we will know that he aims to unlock the Founding Titan’s godlike Power. If we specifically focus on episode 80 of the series, then Eren wins out even though it was seemingly foiled by his elder brother named Zeke.

The Journey Of Eren And The Driving Force

The episode lets us understand that transformed “from you, 2000 years ago,” resulting in a complete transformation in Founding Titan proper. Now what was the driving force behind Eren’s decision is what will make you understand his decisions. Therefore, according to the available information, Eren did so to protect his friends. The only way to do so was to eradicate the rest of the characters.

The Dramatic Final Appearance

All the events make us understand that Eren had made the transformation that was not possible for 2000 years. Thus it had a huge impact on life. Also, if we look at episode 80 and the end of the season, you might come across Eren, who is titanizing himself for the last time. This tinanization process is not very unfamiliar. You might recognize that Ymir’s transformation also had similar effects where the light surging occurs.

The Dramatic Final Appearance

But in this case, the light surging is bigger than ever. Also, the lightning surge was accompanied by jolts of energy. Thus, we can say that he was repeating a similar process of transformation that was only witnessed 2000 years ago. As a result of this transformation, the decapitated head once again jolted back to life and made everyone surprised.

The Final Transformation

As we know that the lightning jolts accompanied the transformation. This was not all in fact, once the head jolted back to life. The size of the skeleton started increasing. The process was so breathtaking that most people will surely clap at this transition. He grew so gigantic that even if we try to compare the Titan with some of those housed in the Paradis Island’s three walls, we will be unable to do so.

The transition was so empowering and breathtaking that the producers of the series refrained from even depicting the complete body of Eren in episode 80. Thus, we can say that this was one of its kind transitions that many witnessed for the first time in their lives. Zeke and Eren both tended to communicate with Ymir. On one side, Zeke was convincing him to renounce the vow imposed upon the royal family almost 100 years before the attack took place.

On the other hand, Eren successfully convinced Ymir to tap into the anger. If we take a look, then there was not a single non-royal who came across Ymir. Eren was the very first one. Thus, Eren successfully tried to ensure that Ymir’s inner desire for freedom was evoked. As a result, Ymir handed him complete control of the founding Titan.

The Points To Ponder

If we take a look, then the Attack on Titan has successfully depicted the fact that the incarnations of a similar titan shifter tend to appear in a completely different manner. If we take a look at Eren’s attack vs. his father, then you can easily understand this phenomenon. Similarly, if we talk about the Eren’s founding titan, it was also completely different from Ymir.

This difference was observed in two aspects. Eren’s founding titan can be called a composite of all the other titans. We know that he owns the founder’s power. On the other hand, you will find his cocktail to be extremely different. Thus, making Eren different from Ymir.

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Erens founding titan is a phenomenon that has been discussed since the fourth season of the famous series Attack on Titans was released. You can understand every detail once you tap into the story of the series and start learning more about titans.

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