Factors to check while looking for a commercial renovation contractor

If you are planning to renovate your workspace, and that’s why you are on this page, wishing to know about the budget, the plan outlines, and suitable contractors to hand over your work, there’s something you must know. As per Statistics Canada’s composite price index – the key census along the metropolitan areas show a 12.5% cost increase in non-residential constructions/renovations (the highest since 1981 statistics). Clearly, you have to plan meticulously. 

In this article, you will get an outline of the factors you must consider while renovating your office and some key queries you must make with the contractors you hire. Here’s how to do it – 

What to consider before renovating your office space? 

From onsite workspace to hybrid modules, new ways of working have risen. With the workforce coming back to the office slowly, the demands to have a ‘specific type of workplace’ has increased. As much as you may think to re-do it all by yourself, for matching this category of office space renovation, you will have to seek the services of a commercial renovation contractor

Here are things to consider before that – 

  • List your ideas and layout a systematic plan 

When renovating your work area, the first thing you must consider is – listing out the current shortcomings of your office space and incorporating the ‘new set of things’ you would want post-renovation. 

As someone looking to renovate their workspace for a long time, you might have multiple fancy ideas in your mind. But, to actualise your vision, you will have to list them down – lay out a systematic plan, look into the shortcomings and then tick the list. 

#Tip – While you are listing out, you can seek help from online portals that help to frame a layout systematically. This will save you time, identify the loopholes for you and review the list – at times suggesting alternatives. 

  • Recycle – Reuse – Repurpose 

Simply because you chose to renovate your office space does not mean you will have to throw out all the current ‘goods’ and get a new set of things. Rather, you could recycle some ‘waste’ matter and reuse it in a different way with a new purpose. After all, renovation does not need to be expensive always – and you can simply alter the laminate of the tables, replace them with new ones and repurpose them. 

#Tip – Consult the professionals you have hired and check out which of the current articles fit their renovation plan ideas. Coordinate accordingly. 

  • The need for open space 

Currently, the Mediterranean style of office – designs, where less-is-more and efforts are on maximizing the spread of natural light, is in vogue. If you too, wish to follow this path, you will have to opt for low-raised partitions. You can use them as segregation, and they offer the dual benefit of maintaining your privacy and allowing natural light. 

Once that is done – coordinate with your expert commercial contractors and check out details of the installation of the lights. As an owner, you must ensure that – there is specific lighting for each area. 

#Tip – Most people opt for accent lighting for deskwork and ambient light for overall space. Ensure that you use an energy-efficient lighting system.

  • Decorate the walls and floors 

A crucial point you must note is – decorating the walls and the floors. Since it is an office space, hence, rather than going for simple-painted walls, you may opt for washable wallpapers. 

As far as the floors are concerned – you have to consider the cost in a per-unit/per-square-foot format. In fact, rather than changing the whole tiling, you may choose to hide it with tile frames or stick-on carpets. 

#Tip – While choosing shades for the wall, it is best to stick to pastel hues. 

  • What is your budget? 

Lastly, you have to consider what all in this list you can afford to actualise. You must have set a budget. You will have to see if these factors can be incorporated within the budget and if it is extending, then where you may cut the costs. 

#Tip – If you are having problems managing the costs, use online tools and coordinate with your service providers to fix it for the better. 

What must you ask the contractors? 

Assuming you have read the listicle regarding the outlines you have to make, you must have understood that – you will require the services of a professional. In that case, here are some queries you will have to make – 

Query 1 – How much are they in tandem with your planned layout? Do they support the basic outline and intend to incorporate details into that, or do they want a new plan? Does that suit your requirement? 

Query 2 – Does the concerned commercial renovation contractor have a portfolio of their previous works? Does their taste suit your style? If not – are they ready for the alternatives? 

Query 3 – What are the budget limitations? Does your budget match theirs? Are there any considerations? If there are – then at what cost? 

Query 4 – What is the source of their products? Since you plan to reuse some of the furniture and other products from your old workspace, how do they plan to infuse the new with the old ones? What is their plan of action? As a client, you must have the outline of the renovation and remodelling format that they will follow. 

Query 5 – What about the legality of their working process? Are all the required documents up to date? How will they process your documents? 

Query 6 – Who are the set of workers associated with your renovation project? How comfortable are you sharing a working relationship with them? Have you discussed the details and the outlines with them? Will they involve you, and if they do, then to what extent? 

Only when you get the desired response to these queries must you go ahead and opt for the services of the concerned commercial remodelling and renovation contractors and engineering survey companies.

Ultimately, you must understand that – to renovate your workspace with professional help and according to your taste – following the workspace regulations set by your state’s building code, you must be in tandem with the professionals. 

Summing up 

Do you now have a fair idea about the factors you must consider while renovating and the procedure to choose professional services? In that case, the whole process will become comparatively easier and faster. Also, unlike others, you can choose better-qualified professionals from the market vis-a-vis others. Think carefully, check every factor with utmost detail, and kickstart the process. 

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