How Innovative Technology Impacts the Real Estate Industry

How Innovative Technology Impacts the Real Estate Industry

The frontlines of digital real estate innovation are perhaps the most exciting thing to track today. Real estate technology impacts everybody, as everyone needs somewhere to live, and this technology makes real estate that much more accessible. It is also equipping home buyers and sellers with the resources they need to make educated decisions and transactions.

Let’s take a closer look at how real estate technology is changing the game for good and bringing transparency and efficiency to the industry.

The Right Agent for You, Sooner

Homebuyers need a real estate agent who not only has the experience they require but an approach they can connect with. Their budgets, services, and even personalities must align. 

This alignment is only part of the reason why Regan McGee created Nobul, a disruptive digital platform where homebuyers can quickly find suitable representation. 

With Nobul, homebuyers can list their budget and describe what they’re looking for in a property and verified, and suitable agents will flood their inbox with tantalizing offers and deals. With this real estate technology, agents vie for homebuyers rather than the reverse.

Homebuyers can sit back and compare the agents’ profiles to see the most appealing services, experiences, and prices. Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking for an agent with competitive rates or a more seasoned property owner looking for a high-end realtor to upgrade homes, the platform makes connecting with the right agent simple.

Lower Costs

Every app creator wants smooth UX and an aesthetically appealing digital experience. These are mere prerequisites. 

The power of game-changing innovation lies in delivering what consumers want most. For homebuyers, that means a discount. If there’s ever a time when saving money is key, it’s when you’re making the most expensive purchase of your life. 

Some apps can be dazzling or impressive from a technical standpoint. But at the end of the day, what people really want is to save money. Innovation needs to be not just powerful or beautiful. It must be practical, too, which is what real estate technology provides through sign-up discounts, flash sales, exclusive offerings, and more.

Security and Privacy Intact 

Nobody wants the benefits of the apps they use to come at the expense of their privacy and security, which is why real estate technology must ensure high levels of security. Nobul protects homebuyers and sellers by never disclosing any sensitive user data to real estate agents. 

Boundaries are crucial, and that’s something users should always control. Get all the benefits of powerful and innovative technology without privacy drawbacks.


Real estate technology makes real estate resources and tools accessible in one place. With Nobul all communication takes place within the app, so it’s easy for agents, homebuyers, and sellers to stay in touch, share photos and listings, and more. Nobody likes it when real estate agents stick unsolicited flyers in your mailbox or cold call during dinner time. 

As innovative technology becomes more commonplace, there’s a chance that people can become numb to inventions that would have once caused jaws to drop. However, when a digital platform is easy to use and secure and saves people significant money on the largest and most important transaction they’ll ever make, that innovation will be long-lasting and appreciated.

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