Why My Fit Foods is Your Go-To Place for Healthy Meal Delivery

Many people live busy lifestyles. It can be a challenge to cook healthy meals, get a workout in, and get to work every day. You may want to try a meal kit to make life easier, but how do you know where to start? Many of these services work more like grocery delivery than takeout. Sure, they deliver the products right to your door, but you still have to take time to cook the meal. Then you have to clean up all the dishes. When you lead a busy lifestyle that 30 minutes to an hour is valuable time. My Fit Foods is the go-to place for people on the go who want to prioritize fresh and healthy ingredients without the trouble of meal prepping. Their meals come pre-packaged and portioned. No cooking or dishes are required. All you have to do is heat and serve. 

Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons to try out My Fit Foods for meal delivery. 

My Fit Foods makes it feel like you have your own personal chef preparing perfectly portioned meals to balance your active lifestyle. Choose from a wide range of options, all made with fresh ingredients. You can build your box or subscribe and save by choosing nutritionist-curated packages to help you meet fitness goals faster. Want more support? Take advantage of 1:1 nutrition coaching to truly change your eating habits and find lasting results. 

  • Delicious Options 

Choose from subscriber favorites like Bougie Mac and Cheese or Salmon Alfredo. Not only do these meals help you stay on track to meet your fitness goals, they taste as delicious as if you ordered them from your favorite restaurant. If you crave sweets, they have scrumptious protein bites and cookies that can give you a burst of energy, satisfy your sweet tooth, and help you crush your workout.  

  • Made with Macros in Mind 

Their meals are designed by nutritionists and personal trainers with macros in mind. They even have a helpful macro calculator to help you choose the right package to meet your goals. 

All their meals are clearly broken into macros to make it easy for you to keep track. Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle, My Fit Foods can help you get there by tracking macros and being mindful about what you eat at each meal. 

  • Sustainable Packaging 

Unlike other heat and serve meal kits, My Fit Foods uses 100% recyclable plastic containers. They use biodegradable ice packs to keep food cold in transit. Rather than dump these in the landfill, you can use them as food for your plants. Packaging is also completely BPC-free, so you don’t have to worry about any chemicals from heating your food. As an added bonus, you won’t have to do dishes since you can heat and eat from the same container. 

  • Shop Local or Order Delivery 

My Fit Foods delivers to 26 states in the continental US. They have locations in Oregon, Colorado, and Houston, Texas, if you want to stop by and pick out your meals. Their goal is to have local options for every metropolitan area in the US by 2025. Either option will include freshly made meals. 

  • Vacuum Sealed to Stay Fresh Up to 10 Days & Freezer Friendly 

Whether you pick them up in stores or have meals delivered, the vacuum-sealed packaging will ensure your meals stay fresh for up to ten days. Packing the meals this way locks in moisture and results in a more delicious experience. If you have travel coming up, you can throw them in the freezer without any worry of freezer burn for up to six months. 

  • Budget Friendly

You can try out their starter packs that include 15 meals per week for as little as 159.99/week or subscribe for weekly delivery to save $16. Even at the higher price, that comes out to about $10/meal. It’s certainly less than you’d spend ordering takeout each night.

  • Fight Food Waste

We waste about 30-40% of our food supply in the USA. How often do you load up on healthy food at the grocery store only to find that you don’t finish all of it before the expiration date? When you order perfectly portioned meals, you’ll be a part of the solution to keeping food out of landfills.  

  • My Fit Foods Cares About Their Community 

For every four meals sold, My Fit Foods donates a meal to various non-profits that provide meals to those in need. This year alone, they’ve already donated 85,000 meals and counting.  Not only do they care about helping you reach your fitness goals, they care about making their community a better place.

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