How To Delete Amazon Order History

How To Delete Amazon Order History


It would not be wrong if we say that business trends are being shifted to electronic means in the modern world. Amazon is currently the biggest ecommerce platform present in the world. You might be wondering how to delete amazon order history.

Every platform you utilize records your steps and details, whether for entertainment, education, business, or professional purposes. Sometimes history is of the utmost importance because it remembers your suggestions and helps you make easy choices in the future, but it is often observed that it is of no use at all. The customers tend to delete their histories to ensure that nobody is aware of their activities on the said paltry.

You might go for deleting the history for giving a surprise to a loved one, or in other cases, you might opt for it for privacy purposes only. If you want to ensure that nobody gets his or her hands on the browsing or order history, you must delete it when you have time, following the details mentioned in the article below.

What is amazon

Trading is the best business you can acquaint yourself with in this world. Thus, if we go through the details, we will know that amazon is the best online trading platform available on the internet.

What makes Amazon best

Now you might be wondering that what brings it to the top. So let us tell you that it is actually the platforms’ policies that help build the trust of the customers in their services. As a result, the customer pool keeps growing with every passing day, gradually bringing them to the top of the charts.

How to delete amazon order history

If you are an amazon account holder, you might be wondering how to delete your order history from the people who can view your amazon account. Thus, if we look, we will come to know that the amazon prime membership is the perfect way to add privacy layers to your account. But if you do not have the prime membership, you should go for one to avoid the hassle.

What non-prime members can enjoy

Those who do not have a prime membership are wondering whether they will be able to get any privacy options or not. Certain features are open for them too. Below we have mentioned a few options for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • They can archive the orders
  • Customers can go for hiding their browsing history
  • The changing of the shipping address is the biggest advantage for non-prime users
  • Amazon locker for shipping

Deleting and archiving

If you are wondering how you can delete the order history, then let us tell you that currently, there are not many details available. What we know helps us understand that to add a layer of privacy to your account, you can go for archiving the order history. This will help you in hiding your orders from plain sight. The researcher can only get hands-on order details if he or she specifically looks for the product on the order page.

How to delete order history

If you want to delete the order history, then the step-by-step guide below will help you get the perfect results at the end of the day.

Step 1

First of all, log into the amazon account and go to the main amazon page. Once you are there, locate the Order History option. Now click on it.

Step 2

Now you must locate the orders from the history you want to delete from the records. Once you have located the order, click on the Details options in front of that order.

Step 3

Now In this order, scroll down and locate the item you want to delete forever.

Step 4

You will find a button of Delete Item next to the item you want to delete. Just click on it. Later you will be asked for the confirmation, and once you hit the Confirm Delete button, the item will be deleted from the order.

Archiving the amazon orders

Although deleting the order is extremely helpful, sometimes you do not have much time to spare so that you can delete every single item on the list of orders. Therefore it is important that to ensure your security and privacy, you make use of the archive option. Below we have mentioned the complete process for the enhancement of your knowledge:

Step 1

First of all, log into the personal amazon account from which you want to remove the items. Once you are successfully logged in to the account, you can locate the Returns and Orders option on the right side of the menu bar. Click on it.

Step 2

Now in these orders, locate the order you want to hide from the prying eyes. Select the desired order and click on the Order of Archives option at the page’s bottom left. Now you can start archiving the items and orders you want to hide.

Step 3

You can only archive up to 100 items. Thus you must make a choice wisely. To make the process swift, you can use the search option.

Step 4

Once you have selected the option to archive the order, you will be asked for confirmation of the step. Once you click on it, the item will be immediately hidden from the main list.

Step 5

To access the archived products and items, go to the Accounts and Lists options in the main menu, and later on, click Your accounts. Here you will find the option for archived orders. After clicking on this option, you will immediately get access to the archived products. Also, if you want to unarchive the products, you can reverse the process.

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If you want to keep your history of the amazon account away from prying eyes and want to know how to delete amazon order history, then the procedure mentioned above would be of great help. By repeating these tips, you can add more layers of security to your account and ensure its protection.

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