How to Hack Wifi Password

How to Hack Wifi Password

Here we are going to discuss how to hack wifi password. Wifi is common these days but there are still people who don’t have access to wifi in their homes. These people often want to use the Internet to fulfill their needs. There are also times when the internet of a person is not working, and he needs it the most to complete his tasks or any other things. After seeing this blog post you will also come to know about the reality behind hacking the password of wifi devices.

So, this method should only be used in the hour of need or for knowledge purposes as it can reduce the speed of wifi devices of people and their work might get disturbed too. so here we will be telling them some methods to check the wifi passwords of routers installed near them. So, let’s begin our discussion and here I will be telling you some of the methods by which you can hack the Wi-Fi devices located near your home or offices. Some methods to hack the password of wifi devices are:

Installing the Apps from the Google Play Store:

You may see many apps listed on the Google Play Store. Apps claim that the password of the Wifi devices could be hacked. But in reality, things are different. Many people often fall into the trap and downloading apps and asking them to provide the password of the nearby wifi devices. The apps show the passwords of the nearby devices sometimes and sometimes show an error. The password that is displayed for the nearby devices also does not work while the error that comes is also fake and often appears so that the customer may keep the app installed in their phone and keep opening it to see whether the error is gone or not.

Installing the Apps from the Google Play Store

Some apps demand money after showing the password in a blurred version saying that the password is only visible to premium users. Some people even pay that particular amount using their cards or any other source and when the password is applied, they still find it wrong. Wifi passwords cannot be hacked using any of the apps available on the Play Store. So these apps should be avoided as the apps can steal data from your phone and the data in the phone might get hacked. You should use any data package instead of wasting money on these useless apps.

Hacking Passwords Using the Android Phones:

You might have seen many videos where people use Android phones to hack the wifi passwords. But actually, the reality is the opposite. The person claiming to hack the password of the wifi device has already connected the device to his Android phone. He just shows you the password of the router. Here hacking the password of the Wifi device using the Android phone is only possible when the device is connected to the particular Android phone. For this make sure your phone is connected to the wifi router and follow the following steps:

  • Open settings from the phone on which you want to see the password of the wifi.
  • After opening settings go to the wifi settings.
  • In the wifi setting you will see the connected wifi devices whose passwords are already saved in your phone.
  • Tap the wifi network for which you want to obtain the password.
  • At the bottom of the screen you will see an option for the QR code
  • Click on the QR code
  • Share the QR code.
  • When the QR code is shared you will see an option.
  • You may scan it on the other device on which you want to use the wifi.
  • Or copy the password that is displayed at the bottom of the screen displayed after the QR code.
  • It will tell you about the password of that device.
  • Now you can connect to that particular Network.


The password of wifi devices could be hacked only using the connected devices as I have stated above. So it is better to avoid all these apps. Keep your money saved. Try to keep your precious time save. If you want to use the internet do not spend your money buying a subscription to these apps claiming to hack the wifi password. Also avoid the YouTube tutorials stating the hack of wifi devices.

This is nothing but a trap by people and these developers to level up their views game. Just keep yourself aware of all the scams happening these days. This was all about how to hack wifi passwords. Hope the article has helped you. If you have any tech-related query or any other question related to this blog post or the blog posts that we share in routine just let us know freely in the comment section below. Our tech team will surely be more than happy to assist you in the shortest possible time.

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