How to Prepare for an Appointment with Your Fertility Doctor

Your Fertility Doctor

Meeting with a fertility doctor is an exciting moment on your road to parenthood. However, preparing for the appointment can be very stressful, and hence you need to know exactly what to expect. Most couples try to conceive, but the hope fades away when months turn into years without any success. If this is the case, it’s time for you to visit a fertility doctor in Singapore.

Have you scheduled your first consultation with a fertility doctor, and you’re wondering how to prepare for this big day? Worry not; this article is dedicated to helping you prepare for your first appointment.

What to Do When Preparing to Meet the Fertility Doctor

  1. Request Your Medical record

You should ask all the doctors that have examined or treated you before to provide you with a copy of your file. You can also request the doctors to send the fertility testing files directly to the fertility doctor you intend to see. This is an important step as it helps you save money and avoid repeating medical procedures conducted before. Request the files early enough to avoid any delays.

  1. Make a Summary of Your Fertility Journey and Medical History

Even with medical records, it’s important to summarize and write down important points of your infertility experience and problems. This can include diagnosis or treatment dates and the outcomes of the treatment. You can also include the milestones you have made in your experience, whether positive or negative.

It’s essential to include all the medication you’re taking, the duration, and why you’re taking the medicines. You should list any medical issues you have experienced before, including if you have ever contracted any sexually transmitted disease.

  1. Check Your Insurance Coverage

New patients visiting a fertility doctor in Singapore always wonder if their insurer will cover their treatment. The good thing is that financial and insurance coordinators infertility clinics can help you navigate this process. However, it’s important to check your insurance coverage type and whether it covers these or related treatments. The fees that you’ll be charged when consulting with a fertility doctor include consultation fees, diagnosis, treatment medication, reproductive techniques, and surgery.

  1. Tag Your Spouse or Partner Along

Infertility is treated as a couple’s issue, and hence both partners should be present during the initial consultation. The male partner is required to give his medical history and get diagnosed as well. Bringing your partner is also important for emotional support, and you can work as a team with one taking notes while the other is asking questions and listening intently. If you’re trying to conceive on your own without a spouse, you should go with a trusted friend or a relative.

Fertility Doctor
Black female doctor talking to a couple while having appointment at clinic.
  1. Prepare Questions

You should prepare a list of questions to ask your fertility doctor as you’ll have enough time to get all your queries answered. This will also make you satisfied before starting the fertility process.


Your first appointment with a fertility doctor in Singapore doesn’t have to be very stressful. Having your medical records, summarizing your medical history, checking your insurance coverage, and preparing questions are important things to consider before visiting a fertility doctor. It’s also important to have a clear expectation for the entire appointment.





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