International Student Melbourne – Everything You Need To Know

Are you going to study in Melbourne? It’s great! Before you leave, however, learn the basics of living in this city. This information will make it much easier for you to organize yourself. You will undoubtedly find yourself in a strange town faster if you already have some basic information about it.

Basic information about Melbourne

It is true that no one will ask you about basic information about the city you are visiting, but it is worth finding out a few facts before you leave. Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia. Its population is very high, close to that of Sydney. A population is significant as most Australians live in big cities.

Melbourne, as a large city, is divided into districts. The suburbs are top-rated, where life is relaxed and pleasant. Richmond, Hawthorn, and Doncaster are the most popular places to live. It is essential that different people live there. Such lovely places are associated mainly with retirees and families with children. In this case, the social cross-section of the inhabitants is much wider. Melbourne international students, local students, and young singles live there.

Where can I live as an international student  Melbourne?

As an international student Melbourne, you have a lot of choices when it comes to accommodation. You can use student flats and dormitories. Many universities and vocational institutes offer this form of accommodation. You can also rent a room or share a room with someone.

You can use popular websites if you are looking for accommodation in Melbourne. For example, you can find many ads on Gumtree, Realestate, or even on Facebook.

Please note that Melbourne is always billed per week. So what amounts can you expect? You can expect to pay around AUD 200 per week for a shared room. Private accommodation is rarely twice as expensive.

Where can I work as an international student in Melbourne?

Living costs in Melbourne are not the lowest. However, this is compensated by a pleasant lifestyle and excellent conditions for development. You can safely earn living expenses by finding a good job in Melbourne. The minimum wage is approximately AUD 740 gross per week. It is estimated that to live in Melbourne you need to have at least 600 AUD for weekly fees. So as you can see, even the Australian minimum salary is enough for you.

Where can I find a job as an international student in Melbourne? It depends on individual predispositions, competencies, and many other factors. However, there are a few industries in which students usually work. The first is, of course, the gastronomy and hotel industry. Many students also choose to work in trade or warehouses. Cleaning offices and shops is also a very popular way to earn money. Medical students most often choose to care for the elderly. You can also take up physical work, for example, at a car wash or on a construction site.

Going to study in Melbourne is a great adventure. We are sure you will succeed!

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