Modular walls as a modern means of exhibition lighting

Exhibition lighting requires a special approach, regardless of whether it is a trade or industrial exhibition, or an exhibition of works of art. In each case, objects should be presented in the most attractive way. Therefore, a competent organization of lighting with the use of modular exhibition walls is especially necessary for a profitable presentation of exhibits. 

Why is it important to choose portable walls for exhibition?

Since almost every museum or a gallery has several thematic expositions, such zoning should be supported by light. If you are at the exhibition, where works of art of several artists are presented, the masterpieces should be equipped with their own wall modular art lighting, isolated from other interior items.  The level of illumination of a canvas painted with oil paints should not exceed 150 lux, but objects made of wood, stone or metal can be flooded with light of about 500 lux without harm to them.

A well-designed paneled wall art lighting at the exhibition allows you to effectively manage the flow of visitors, “moving” them between the shelves, urging them to move from one to another. At the same time, the semantic centers of each zone must be visually attractive, so that the visitor really wants to follow the path outlined by the lighting designers. Best of all, such “road signs” will serve as modular walls – both in an active and in a passive role. By illuminating the passage, they will indicate to the public where the object of art of a specific artist is. In order to organize the best exhibition, search for modular wall cost in your city.


Features of organizing the exhibition: art wall panels

Art walls are your business card at the exhibition. The design of exhibition stands directly determines the volume of sales and views and how many new customers the client wins. In addition, it forms the artist’s image, which makes the product recognizable among competitors. To attract the attention of visitors to the exhibition, it is necessary to design a winning form of exhibition walls, choose the color, lighting and other elements of the advertising design of the exhibition stand. Special lighting highlights the most significant details or objects of art masterpieces. Benefits of removable walls include:

  • ease of operation and transportation;
  • more than 175 colors and textures;
  • opportunity to create the design of all building shapes
  • portability;
  • quick assembly.

The creative design of the exhibition stand competently implements the main concepts of the artist and attracts the attention of a large number of visitors to the object. With the help of Australian specialists you will be able to create the best stand for your masterpieces of any colors and forms! They manufacture exhibition stands of various styles, according to design projects developed by designers or provided by the customer. The company has sufficient production capacity to realize any customer’s fantasies. (ambien) Professionals will provide exhibition design and production of  modular walls that attract attention, positively position the artists and their products and pay back the funds spent on their production many times over.

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