6 Ways to Find the Right Hotels for Business Travelers

There are many different types of hotels for business travelers. Some offer standard packages, and others have exceptional amenities and services. And then some may be more pricey but include an all-inclusive package.

Finding the right hotel is important when you’re a business traveler. After all, your hotel will be your home away from home during a busy business trip.

So, here are a few quick tips to help you search and find the best hotel for your travels.

1. Search Online and Check Reviews

Many business travelers prefer to do their research online. It’s easy to find the right place using search engines such as Yahoo Travel or Yelp.com. Researching on your own allows you to compare various prices, amenities, and services.

One thing to consider is whether your company will pay for your hotel. If they cover most travel expenses, keep your per diem and taxes in mind. Per diem doesn’t always cover all expenses. So, if there are any doubts, consult with your employer. Knowing what your company covers may dictate what type of hotel you reserve.

Different types of hotels include boutique hotels, luxury hotels, and international properties.

In addition, various hotels also offer additional perks such as:

  • Free parking
  • Discounted drinks and food
  • Free internet access
  • Gym and pool
  • Conference room access
  • Business center access

Come up with a shortlist of business hotels to consider. From there, check their customer reviews and ratings. Look for any negative comments. Even if there are bad reviews, they may not be valid concerns.

Noise may be a common complaint from guests. You may like the area but are concerned about not getting enough sleep. Then, consider calling ahead of time and requesting a room away from the noise.

Taking the time to reach out to the hotel directly can make all the difference. Your experience is more likely to be positive when you’re more proactive.

2. Consider the Location

You want your stay to be comfortable yet allow you to have fun when there’s free time. So, the location of the hotel is vital for several reasons.

When booking a hotel, keep the following in mind:

  1. It should be near many transportation options such as a train station, airport, and subway.
  2. It should be within walking distance of the city center.
  3. It should be safe and secure.
  4. It should be in a neighborhood that offers entertainment. For example, you may want a hotel near restaurants, shops, and attractions.

4. Use Corporate Housing

Corporate housing offers several benefits for business travelers. If you don’t have time to book a hotel, a corporate housing company can do all the work for you. They will find a hotel based on your needs.

If you work with a company, let them know your specifications ahead of time. That way, they can find you an ideal hotel room with all necessities. You may also want a hotel that has a spa, for example. Then, let the on-demand housing company know that.

You may also have other requests, such as needing the hotel to fit specific business needs. For example, some hotels provide on-site restaurants with special menus designed to suit the company’s needs.

5. Check the Hotel’s Workspace Policy

Most hotels have a workspace area where they host business travelers. Many larger hotel chains offer free conference rooms, computer access, photocopiers, fax capabilities, and printers.

Some charge a small fee to use these services, while others offer them free. A business traveler can easily find a suitable meeting space with minimal effort.

6. Consider the Leisure Facilities Available

A business traveler needs to have a little time to relax. Luckily, leisure facilities at certain hotels include a swimming pool, fitness center, spa, and video game room.

Some also offer special packages for business travelers. The packages may include meals at the hotel restaurant or food delivery to your room.

You may purchase these services separately if they are not part of the all-inclusive package.

Researching which hotels have the right amenities is essential to smooth travels. Doing everything ahead of time can save time and money. Plus, you never know when a business trip gets stressful. If it does, you’ll be thankful you ironed out all the details in advance

Find the Ideal Hotel for Your Trip

Finding the best business hotels for your trip is a matter of finding the right hotel, location, and price. Focus on having those elements in place. Then, you can begin researching some of the special services, amenities, and service package deals.

Finally, focus on finding the ideal hotel that fits your needs. You’ll feel great securing a hotel that offers everything a business traveler like you desires during your trip.

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