OSRS Holy Grail Guide

The Holy Grail quest forms the second part of the Camelot quest series. In this quest, your assistance is sought by King Arthur in the noble endeavor of locating the holy grail. This revered artifact was missing from its original place in Entrana, where the Fisher King safeguarded it within the Fisher Realm.

King Arthur

Your first task will be to converse with King Arthur, who resides in Camelot. Upon meeting him, King Arthur will share details about an ancient artifact known as the holy grail. He will mention that his esteemed Knights of the Round Table are diligently searching for it.


After discussing with King Arthur, your next step is to seek out Merlin. You will find Merlin on the second floor of Camelot Castle. To reach him, ascend the staircase in the castle’s main section. Once at the top, reach the southeast room, distinct from the tower. Upon entering this room, Merlin will make his appearance. He will guide you to converse with an individual on an Entrana. Furthermore, he will advise you to meet Sir Galahad, who resides west of McGrubor’s Wood.


In your quest on the Island of Entrana, it is advised that you consider carrying a Camelot teleport or a charged amulet of glory for fast travel to Draynor Village or use a Draynor manor teleport tablet. Alternatively, the minigame teleport to Pest Control (requiring 40 Combat) is an efficient choice, as it allows you to take a boat back to Port Sarim, potentially saving time if you do not possess an amulet of glory. The Explorer’s Ring 2 presents another swift travel option. It is crucial to remember to refrain from carrying any weapons or armor, as doing so will prevent you from accessing Entrana.

Upon your preparation, proceed to Port Sarim and converse with the monks on the pier to arrange your journey to Entrana. Be mindful to leave any weapons or armor behind, as the monks strictly enforce this rule for entry to Entrana. Conveniently, there is a bank deposit box next to the monks, should you need to store any forgotten gear. Once on the island, seek out and speak to the high priest in the church. He will inform you that the holy grail is no longer there. During this interaction, a mysterious old crone will appear, imparting that the Fisher King is in peril. To assist him, you must discover where six stone heads around the world are pointing and blow a magic whistle at that spot.


After gathering this information, return to Camelot by teleportation or using a combat bracelet to teleport to the Ranging Guild. Your next destination is to find Galahad, who resides in a house west of McGrubor’s Wood. Upon meeting him, convey your quest for an item from the Fisher Realm. Galahad will provide you with a holy table napkin, a memento he retained in the Fisher Realm. Engaging further with Galahad and inquiring about his solitude will lead him to offer you a cup of tea, fulfilling a task in your journey. 

Draynor Manor

Next, make your way to the top floor of Draynor Manor, specifically the southern room. You can go there using a Draynor Manor teleport tablet, which you can get from the Grand Exchange for some OSRS GP. It’s essential to carry the holy table napkin with you; without it, the magic whistle won’t be visible. Collect two magic whistles there; one is for immediate use and the other for later (though it can also be acquired in the Fisher Realm). Be mindful that if you delay, the whistles will despawn. Should this happen, simply leave and re-enter the room to prompt their reappearance. Finally, exit the manor through the back door in the south-eastern room on the first floor.


As you prepare for the next phase of your quest, ensure you have Excalibur and a magic whistle. It’s recommended to have a Camelot teleport, food, a weapon, and armor for protection. A halberd is particularly useful for Melee users and the OSRS Fire Cape if you have one, allowing you to fight the Titan without taking damage. If your combat level is under 41, consider bringing anti-poison.


Your objective is to find the location to use the magic whistle. For a swift journey to Brimhaven, the quickest method is using a scroll of redirection on a house teleport tablet directed to Brimhaven. Alternatively, teleport to Ardougne and speak with Captain Barnaby on the southern docks. Charter ships from Port Sarim and Catherby docks to Brimhaven are also viable options, Using the Amulet of Glory to teleport to Musa Point and then head west or utilizing fairy ring code BLP or the TzHaar Fight Pit minigame teleport to reach Mor Ul Rek are also effective travel methods.

Upon reaching Brimhaven, navigate to the north-western part of the town near the goldmine. Search for a guard tower north of the gold rocks. Underneath the tower, use the magic whistle to be teleported to the Fisher King’s Realm. Remember, if your combat level is below 41, carry Antipoison to guard against the level 20 poisonous scorpions in the area.


You are now tasked with crossing a bridge to meet the Fisher King. The formidable Black Knight Titan is guarding this bridge and demands a duel for passage. The Titan can inflict damage up to 15, so brace yourself for a challenging fight. To defeat the titan, you must deliver the final blow with the Excalibur blade, although other weapons can be used to weaken him initially. If the finishing strike isn’t made with Excalibur, you’ll have to face the titan again. The titan shows no particular vulnerability to any attack style but is resistant to Ranged and Magic, making Melee the preferred method. Use the hit-and-run technique if your combat level is low, as the titan remains stationary. Alternatively, a halberd allows you to attack from a distance.

Once the titan is defeated, cross the bridge and follow the river south to locate a Fisherman. Ask about accessing the castle, and he’ll advise you to ring a bell. Proceed southwest to the castle, where you’ll find a grail bell at the entrance. Ring it and engage in the ensuing dialogue to gain entry. Make sure to pick up a second magic whistle from the floor.

Fisher King

In the castle, you must speak to the Fisher King. It is crucial to exhaust all dialogue options, as missing any might require you to confront the titan again. The Fisher King expresses his last wish to see his son, Percival, a Knight of the Round Table. After this, use your whistle to teleport out or teleport to Camelot if you have the necessary runes.

You will need both magic whistles for the next part of your journey. Having Falador, Camelot, and Ardougne teleports or access to fairy rings is also recommended. If your combat level is below 41, bring antipoison.

Visit King Arthur in Camelot. He may not know Percival’s exact location, but he will give you a magic gold feather. This feather, pointing towards the gold boots worn by Percival, will guide you to him.

Goblin Village

Use the feather, and it will lead you to the Goblin Village. Teleport to Falador and head north to reach this destination. In the Goblin Village, find the east house and search the sacks. Here, you will discover Sir Percival. Inform him of his father’s wish to see him. Percival will be trying to figure out how to reach the castle, but having a magic whistle in your inventory will automatically lead to you handing it over to him at the end of your conversation.

Now, return to the Fisher King’s Realm as you did, without needing to confront the Black Knight Titan again. You can also teleport there using fairy rings (code BJR) after locating and giving the whistle to Percival. Upon your return, you’ll find that Percival has assumed the role of the new king in the place where the Fisher King once was.

Holy Grail

Proceed downstairs, then go up the staircase on the castle’s east side, followed by the ladder. Here, you can finally take the holy grail. Use your whistle to depart. Your final step is to return to King Arthur in Camelot for a conversation to complete the quest.

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