World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Revival Catalyst Guide

With every new expansion release comes a new roster of Tier-set gear out for players to grind for. WoW Tier setsWoW Tier sets are some of the most coveted armor pieces in any expansion, which is one of the main reasons for doing Mythic raids in the first place. They can be found in Dragonflight’s Mythic raid, Amirdrassil, but assembling a raid team for Amirdrassil can be tough. Fortunately, there is another source to obtain Tier sets without spending all your WoW gold on raid preparation or a Mythic carry. The Revival Catalyst is a bad luck protection system where players can convert some of their old gear into a Tier set piece so that players can catch up. Gone are the days of fully clearing a raid only not to get any Tier sets dropped for your class and waiting for next week to try again. Introduced in Shadowlands, Blizzard implemented this system to allow players to get into Mythic + faster and experience their class fantasy early. 

The Tier sets for Dragonflight are named as follows:

  • Zealous Pyreknight’s Ardour for Paladin
  • Blessings of Lunar Communion for Priest
  • Lucid Shadewalker’s Silence for Rogue
  • Risen Nightmare’s Gravemantle for Death Knight
  • Screaming Torchfiend’s Brutality for Demon Hunter
  • Benevolent Embersage’s Guidance for Druid
  • Werynkeeper’s Timeless Vigil for Evoker
  • Blazing Dreamstalker’s Vigil for Hunter
  • Wayward Chronomancer’s Clockwork for Mage
  • Mystic Heron’s Disciple for Monk
  • Vision of the Greatwolf Outcast for Shaman
  • Devout Ashdevil’s Pactweave for Warlock
  • Molten Vanguard Mortarplater for Warrior

Where to Find the Revival Catalyst

The Revival Catalyst can be found in Thaldrazus, within Tyrhold. Speak to the NPC named Antuka, who will unlock the Revival Catalyst for you. The Revival Catalyst works by exchanging gear from Season 3 of Dragonflight for a Tier set piece. Currently, these armor pieces can be found from world bosses, the Great Vault, Fyrakk Assaults, Bloody Token vendors, Conquest vendors, Mythic + dungeons, and normal raids. Blizzard has stated that they will allow Seasons 1 and 2 gear to be eligible for conversion, but they have not yet announced when that change will occur, so for now, it’s best to use whatever current Season gear you have in your inventory.

How to Use the Revival Catalyst

To use the Revival Catalyst, simply drag the icon of your gear into the slot, have a Renascent Dream charge saved up, and click on the transform button to convert your chosen armor into a Tier set. Note that converting cloaks, bracer, belts, and boots will not count towards your set bonus and will transmog them into the appropriate Tier set and change their secondary stats. Save all 8 of your charges for the helmet, shoulders, chest piece, gloves, and legs, as those will contribute to the set bonus. 

Players looking to transmog their gear can follow this guide when using the Revival Catalyst for appearances.

  • Veteran gear will obtain the Raid Finder appearance (ilvl 444-450) and Normal appearance (ilvl 454-463)
  • Champion gear will obtain the Heroic appearance (ilvl 467-476)
  • Hero gear will obtain the Mythic appearance (ilvl 480+)

Note that while Bloody Token gear can be converted into the Normal appearance gear, it must be upgraded prior to conversion since the Revival Catalyst does not accept unranked gear. 

The Revival Catalyst is time-gated by having a limited number of charges that increase every two weeks. These charges are added globally, and every character has their own separate charges, so there is no need to worry about expending all your charges on one character. Unlike Shadowlands’ Creation Catalyst, there is no material or currency cost to using the Revival Catalyst. 

Players who want to keep their secondary stats, armor sockets, and upgrade paths in their armor won’t have to worry, as the converted armor retains these attributes. The main armor stats, however, will be changed to the specific Tier set piece’s attributes. To get the set bonuses, you must wear at least 2 pieces for the 1st bonus and 4 pieces for the 2nd bonus. After wearing 4 Tier set pieces, all other armor pieces can be up to your discretion, depending on if you have armor pieces with better main, secondary, or tertiary stats and item level. 


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