Packing Your Things To Move

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You have sold your house and are preparing to move your possessions to a new place. There are several steps to follow to get your things safely to your new home. However, with the right planning you can be settled in quickly. Here are a few tips to get started..

Set Up a Schedule

Contact your local white glove shipping phoenix az to schedule the day the movers will come to get your things. Break out from there which tasks must be accomplished by what day so you can stick to that plan. You will want to document when to go to the post office to have your mail forwarded and when to have utilities switched from your name as well.

Sort Through Your Belongings

Go through your closets, dressers, and basement to determine what you should pack and move to your new place and what you need to get rid of. You can sell what you are discarding in a garage sale or donate it to a local charity. You will also want to get a dumpster to dispose of things that are unable to be sold or given away. Give yourself plenty of time to sort through each room before moving day comes.

Begin Your Packing

Get boxes to put you items in and clearly mark the outside of the box with what is in it and what room it belongs in. Do this with a dark colored permanent marker. ( This helps the movers put them where you need them when they get to your new house. Keep personal or highly valuable items aside and take them to your new location personally to prevent them from getting damaged or lost. Purchase strong tape to seal the boxes and keep them sturdy. Find large blankets or towels to wrap around large appliances to keep them from being scuffed up in the truck.

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