Palestinian food

Palestinian food


If you want to express your feelings and desires without saying a single word, then food is the only medium that will prove highly effective. Palestinian food happens to be the best choice in this scenario.

If we look at the available information, we will learn that thousands of different cuisines are associated with every culture and geographical region. If you keep moving your fingers on the map, you will witness that the cuisines and food items will also keep changing. Thus we can say that every place on the planet has some unique food items to offer its visitors.

This is why most tourism is associated with food tourism. Millions of people visit several places worldwide under the banner of tourism to try the famous food items being presented there. In this article, you will learn a lot about famous Palestinian food, which will make you crave more.

An introduction to Palestine

Palestine happens to be one of the holiest places on the planet. No matter which religion you belong to or are affiliated with, you will surely find Palestine your North. The followers of Islam, Christianity, and Jewism all keep Palestine sacred.

The increased tourism and the Palestinian food

There are a lot of people visiting Palestine every year to pay a visit to the holy places. This is why Palestinian food is getting renowned all over the world. The details shared by the pilgrims regarding the Palestinian food waters a person’s mouth. It is said that you should give the food items provided here a try in your life for once, at least if you really want to make your time in this world a heaven.

The increased tourism and the Palestinian food

Some famous Palestinian food items

Although Palestinian food is quite famous among the public, but a question arises that whether all Palestinian food items are worth your time or not. So let us tell you that although most of them are mouthwatering, a few stand above all. Below we have mentioned the names of a few dishes for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • The traditional Mussakhan
  • The national Maqloubeh
  • The ancient Sumaghiyyeh
  • The couscous maftoul
  • The Khalili Qudreh
  • The herby Mana’eesh
  • The Fatayer snack

An in-depth analysis of all the available names

The names might not fill your curiosity. Therefore you will surely like to get hold of some more details for the enhancement of your knowledge:

An in-depth analysis of all the available names

1.     The traditional Mussakhan

Mussakhan is a dish that will bind you to the Palestinian culture. If you are a person seeking perfect flavor with healthy ingredients, then there are not many dishes that will stand against the Palestinian Mussakhan. The olive oil retrieved from the olive-rich trees of Palestine happens to be the key ingredient in this case.

The preparation

The preparation involves large quantities of onions dipped in olive oil along with the roasted chicken. The coking needs sweet onion, and later on, in order to give a finishing touch, the Palestinian bread taboon is utilized that absorbs the essence of the chicken and gives you the taste of the heavens.

2.     The national Maqloubeh

Maqloubeh is coined as the national dish of Palestine. This is an honor for any food item or dish to be ranked as the national food item. There are not many dishes that will stand true to these standards. It will help you in binding with the Palestinian culture. People all over the world admire the taste and beauty of this dish. Finding something similar will be impossible.

Why is it so popular

The ingredients make this dish highly interesting. Also, the fact of affordability makes this dish easy to acquire and consume, thus bearing less weight on your pocket and relaxing your mind and stomach at the same time. Although it has many versions, but you should stick to the original one if you need excellence.

3.     The ancient Sumaghiyyeh

If we start tracing the foot tracks of this dish, then we will be able to locate the origin in Gaza. This is not a new dish on the menu. In fact, it has been there for decades. It has been passed down by generations. In modern times it has reached perfection. One of the most important factors is the fact that it is mostly associated with gatherings and special events.

4.     The couscous maftoul

There is currently a debate going on about whether the Palestinian Maftoul is better than the Moroccan one. The Palestinian maftoul happens to be slightly greater in volume, and the darker hue allows you to attract more eyes. Although most of the ingredients in this particular dish are special, but couscous happens to be the only basic element available in this scenario.

5.     The Khalili Qudreh

The origin of this extraordinary dish is recorded as Hebron. However, there might be several ambiguities, but there is no other say regarding the fact that Palestinian Qudreh happens to be the best. The organic ingredients used for the preparation are oil, rice, sheep’s milk, meat, salt, and golden rice. The utensils required for its preparations are also unique. You will need a specific copper pot to cook this extraordinarily delicious food item.

6.     The herby Mana’eesh

When you make the mixture of the sesame seed and thyme along with the addition of lemony sundac, the result is nothing other than this magical herb called Mana’eesh. An olive oil-dipped bread in the form of Mana’eesh is the perfect breakfast in Palestine.

7.     The Fatayer snack

The fatayers are also known as motabaq. The perfectly packed center filled with savory pie makes the deliciousness enhanced, and unlike many other items, you can even store them in the fridge for use later.

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Life does not give you many chances to go for your desired food items every now and then. Therefore if you come across any opportunity, then you must avail it without delay. Palestinian food is the only thing that will help you realize heaven’s taste on earth. So you must give these food items a try once in your lifetime.

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