Show Your Intimate Side with Men’s Sexy Underwear

The global mens underwear industry had a value of $29.41 billion in 2018. It has an expected growth rate of 5.3% predicted from 2019 up to 2025. This statistic is a strong indication of increased awareness about personal hygiene, increasing the millennials’ growth, and man’s search for the best underwear fit.

Though, men are more often stuck on the same style and design of underwear because of a lack of interest in new trends or stubbornness to let go of their usual comforts. Exploring your best side, though, comes from fine-tuning your style and what works for you.

This is true, particularly with mens sexy underwear, which exposes your intimate side. Knowing your personality and exploring your wilder side will also clearly define what underwear choices fit according to your comfort level and style.

Sexy Underwear Styles for Men

The long-running saga of briefs or boxers have long since plagued men. Whether it is boxers or briefs that you prefer, the market has already evolved to include several other underwear designs that provide more than just comfort and aesthetics.

There are thongs, jockstraps, trunks, strings, and bikini briefs to expose your wilder and intimate side. Choosing the right underwear should not compromise comfort, and it should also reflect your style.

  • Low-rise briefs. This traditional cut is the most popular choice among men with its slightly cropped design compared to the classic Y-front full-rise briefs.  
  • Trunks. Its hybrid design crosses between the boxer and traditional brief with shorter legroom.  
  • Men’s Bikini. This type of men’s sexy underwear has minimum coverage at the front and looks like a traditional brief at the back. 
  • Thongs. Thongs are also available for men similar to the underwear women wear. It has a thin backside and exposes the buttocks. Thongs are bikini-like without the flare that is often seen in the women’s version. 

Intimacy is Not Just a Woman’s Thing

There are perceived differences of intimacy between men and women as one is usually the giver and the other the receiver. But in a broader spectrum, people are all equal in terms of their longings. Women are bound by the virtues and emotional connection, while men are aptly looking at the physical and emotional benefits of the relationship.

If you are making the first move, impressing a woman with your taste is something indispensable. Women are likely to remember a man because of their humor, hygiene, and style more than anything else. 

Additionally, if you are making the first move, wearing the right underwear might give you the right confidence level. Underwear technology has come a long way from being just a protective piece of cloth. It is an extension of your body image and symbolizes your most inner individuality. 

Your Underwear Can Style Your Personality

Your underwear is not just meant to cover your privates because it has changed over time. It will always be a staple in your wardrobe and can style your personality. Your undergarment can be an attitude and confidence booster, especially if you are going out on a date.

Besides providing comfort, it also affects your overall hygiene, considering that high-quality fabric helps reduce sweat and odor. Your underwear can also affect your daily mood, factoring in its size, fit, and comfort.

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