Types of Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business

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Reports and figures claim that with the advent of digital marketing, the sales turnover for both products and services has increased multifold. In the era of digital lives, marketing has also gained new dimensions and versatility. Digital marketing is the call of the hour to establish any product or service.  Before we start with what are various types of digital marketing activities or jobs or platforms, let us first understand briefly, why is the whole idea of digital marketing becoming so pronounced

  1. Probably more than 80 percent of the human population worldwide is interconnected with the world wide web. Under such a scenario, it is easy to reach people through online marketing. To make the marketing more effective in the outcome, various types of digital marketing procedures are becoming immensely popular
  2. Digital marketing also defies the boundaries of place or time. The initial concept of manual marketing had a lot of drawbacks. The fundamental drawback was restriction time and space. With digital marketing, somebody sitting in a remote village of India can communicate with a buyer or seller who is sitting on the outskirts of the Netherlands and so on.
  3. Marketing is all about understanding and implementing the concurrent terms of society and putting the same dynamicity in the form of marketing.

Since digital marketing caters all these needs perfectly, it is gaining such fast-paced growth and development

Types of digital marketing activities

Here are some of the types of digital marketing processes that you can imply for your business:

SEO or search engine optimization

There is absolutely nobody who is reading an article about digital marketing yet does not know what SEO is. SEO stands for search engine optimization. So, if you dissect the term, the meaning pops up to be, anything that is optimized for the search engines. When any user avails any search engine like Google, he or she enters the search words in the bar. SEO is the most basic in the types of digital marketing

If the content in your online business site contains those words in the correct fashion and adequate way then it will appear on the screen when the user enters the search words. But that is not the end. Every digital marketer can create such content, with keywords in specificity, then how will it be ensured that your website will pop up on the screen, because there may be innumerable results to those same search words.

The search engine has its own set of determinants on the basis of which, they assign a rank to each content. When you get a list of websites and pages upon entering any search word, the order in which they come up is that rank. Creating SEO content is like the foundation stone in types of digital marketing activities

You can create search engine optimization by including proper keywords in the content. This is called on-page SEO. Off-Page SEO, on the other hand, means creating associations with other pages, by including their links on your own page, you can boost the activity of your page. Proper SEO content will drag more users towards your page which in digital terminology is referred to as greater trafficking on your page.

Content marketing

Engaging and convincing content can give a strong lead towards the betterment of your business website or page. If you are engrossed in the thought of what types of digital marketing activities can be practiced to shoot up the popularity of your page, then this is the one

The language used and the quality of information that you deliver through the content is the most important factor that determines the user engagement in your page. Any user will judge the status of your page or your product-services according to the content you create. Content need not be flattery to the extent that it becomes unrealistic. The more real your content is, the greater is the user involvement.

You must try to create content that is extremely relevant to the target audience. The readers should be able to connect with it. The key factor in content creation is including significant keywords and keeping it real. The secondary factors for good content are

  • Resorting to the main point instead of beating around the bush
  • Making the content precise. You can try out writing in short paragraphs and bullet format.

Content marketing is apparently creating a buzz in the world of digital marketing. This is probably because the pen is mightier than a sword and convincing content can actually modify and increase the customer base widely. Out of the types of digital marketing, this is the most sensational and popular one

3. Email marketing

Digital marketing is not simply using digital means to access your customers. Digital marketing also means changing the patterns of marketing according to the need of the era. The new-age marketing also focuses on building stronger relationships with the customers and keeping in touch. Personalized services and tailored product services are also important factors of new-age digital marketing.

One such component type of digital marketing to achieve these dimensions is email marketing. If you want to establish a successful business, you will have to reach door to door. Door to door catering of services and promoting products is not new, but now you don’t need to knock at the physical doors. you can knock the virtual doors through email. your customers should be associated with you via email. In other words, they should be your subscribers through email.

You have to let your customers know about your upcoming products or services or reinitiate the existing ones by dropping service mails to them from time to time. The updates that you will provide through your e-mail from time to time will help to establish a strong relationship between your brand and the active customers. You can also include the idea for email subscriptions to have a fair idea of which customers you can gain as buyers

4. Affiliate marketing

If any method of digital marketing is creating a hike, then it is affiliate marketing. All the major e-commerce sites are practicing this method. Well, no reason to think that only established flagships can go for this type of digital marketing. You can also opt for the same through affiliate marketing.

The concept of affiliate marketing is something like this. You appoint any website or page owner to feature your products. That means whenever people will visit their site to search for any product or service, your product or service link will be included there.

Whenever the user wants, they can click on the link to check out the product or service. This click will redirect the user to your website or page. It is like appointing a PR agent to advertise for your products. In turn, the affiliate marketers will receive a commission. It is performing one of the basic types of digital marketing jobs

It can be quite a useful tool for publicity. Statistically, affiliate marketing is serving as the most potent tool to create a publicity buzz for products and services.

5. Social media marketing

There is hardly anyone who does not use social media. In such a scenario, it is very effective to use social media as a component of marketing. Social media serves as a good bridge between companies and customers. Here the company executives can directly get a glimpse of the market. It is easy to understand the demands of the audience or reactions of the audience towards your existing products.

Direct communication, receiving feedback regarding the product or services gives a good scope to improvise your business. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter can be widely used for social media marketing.

Due to a large number of users of such social media platforms your brand gets great exposure and your page gets awesome trafficking. However, social media marketing needs patience. You cannot expect visible outcomes in just a day or two. The social media is flooded with ads of innumerable pages and websites. Therefore, you should wait for the results. However, if you can create content which is lucrative yet true and nothing unreal then social media marketing can prove to be helpful.

You will have to join as many groups and communities as possible to make your marketing reach as many users as possible. These types of digital marketing techniques can create viral outcomes but require immense effort. You can appoint social media marketers to do this type of digital marketing jobs

 6. Mobile phone marketing

Not only the internet, but there is another device that has become a staple in everyone’s life. It is a mobile phone. Smartphones are now the heartline of technological advancements. In the same way as email marketing, you can connect to your customers by establishing connections through mobile messages.

You can opt for sending information to your customers through messages. The updates regarding offers, discounts, and new launches can be conveyed through mobile messages. It is also a way of individual user marketing. If an e-commerce site wants to go for digital marketing, then you can send streamlined specially designed messages for your user based on their search histories on your website.

Such types of digital marketing techniques will draw the attention of more customers towards your site. This is an effective way of digital marketing. Even if you launch any new product, you can r4eveal the same to every customer through mobile phone marketing.

Messages through a various instant messaging app such as WhatsApp, We Chat and Facebook messenger can also be helpful in such cases. Many people trust such messaging apps more than usual SMS which could be subject to Spam

7. Advertising through Radio and televisions

Phones are not the only things on the planet that are digital. The radio is also another digital platform to promote your product. You can do the marketing stream on radio channels. You can pair up with the most heard radio channels to let a greater number of people know about your brand or website. Over the past many years, many marketing heads are exploiting this method of digital marketing and it has a fairly good record of success.

Promoting marketing through tv advertisements is also another way of od digital marketing. Though both of these types of digital marketing platforms are quite old school, yet you cannot rule out the fact that a greater population even to this day chooses television and radio as their entertainment options

8. Audio and video marketing

These are the recent trends in types of digital marketing across the world and are practically ruling the market. With every product, you associate a video or audio that gives the consumer a right away insight into the product or service. It is far more convincing than mere words. Statistics clearly reflect that the success rate of such marketing methodologies is tremendously high.

If you can show the people some real stuff through real-life usage videos of your product and services, the brand image gets established far more strongly. You can post realistic and convincing videos on your pages and sites. For this type of marketing, video media platforms like YouTube are extremely effective.

Trendy videos with catchy captions will grasp the attention of customers and make them want to view your product. The world of video marketing is the ultimate glam world that is prevalent these days

You can also apply the same techniques by posting audios which are influential in your sites. However, track records say that audios are often less convincing than video contents.

With the numerous types of digital marketing channels businesses use, marketers need to find better ways to sift through the data to form valuable insights. In order to know which channels have the most interactions customers have with their brand before converting, a marketing attribution software is needed. Learn more about this by visiting Wicked Reports.

Hope the article was really helpful to you in understanding the various types of digital marketing platforms

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