Spotting Diesel Engine Problems from a Mile Away

Spotting Diesel Engine

The engine is one of the most important parts of any truck, and maintaining it properly is highly crucial. Keeping your engine maintained ensures that you get the most out of its performance and get a smooth, trouble-free ride each time you take your truck out. Lets find out the Spotting Diesel Engine Problems from a Mile Away.

A Ford diesel engine is designed and built for endurance and reliability, but is prone to some mechanical issues with age. However, you can detect the damages and issues way before it becomes a major problem and this can prevent your vehicle from breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

You need to be aware of the diesel engine problems that you can face and find out the warning signs to avoid major and costly damages. These are discussed below.

Trouble in Starting

Diesel engine fails to start up when there are issues with the compression. If your engine fails to start or there is any difficulty in starting up the engine, you need to check the compression unit of the engine.

You need to visit a mechanic or any specialist to get your compression unit checked as this is the culprit most of the time.

Turbocharger Issues

If your truck has a turbocharger for the engine then it is essential to know how the turbocharger system can breakdown.

If your turbocharger begins to die as you are driving, then there might be leaks in the internal system. It can also be caused due to clamps and pumps becoming weak due to wear or damages. Problems with the turbocharger also lead to the emission of black smoke from the engine.

Blue Smoke from Engine

Due to the engine burning its own oil, there are possibilities of blue smoke coming from the engine. This mainly happens due to oil leaks, overfilled oil chambers or worn out cylinders. If this issue persists, you need to get the leaks checked and your cylinder repaired before they cause more harm.

Low Fuel Economy

Any problems with the engine can adversely affect your fuel economy. If you spend more time at the fuel station, then you know your truck is taking up more fuel than usual. You can keep track of the fuel efficiency every time you fill up your fuel tank.

Low fuel economy can be caused due to damaged fuel injectors, and they need to be replaced or repaired before they cause any more damage.

Loss of Engine Power

You need to pay attention to how well your truck accelerates or pulls the load and reaches the top speed. If you face any problem during this, then your engine is not giving the required amount of power.

It is mainly caused due to the cylinder compression in your diesel engine and worn piston rings, valves or head gaskets can affect your engine’s performance further.

Increased Oil Consumption

If your truck is constantly running out of oil, then your truck has some oil leakage and this is a huge problem. It may not seem like a big deal to add a bit of oil, but leaks in the piston rings or cylinders can affect your engine badly.

Engine Knocking

You have been driving around your Ford for quite some time and you must be familiar with the engine noise. Due to oil contamination and combustion timing, you may hear a knocking sound. You need to be aware of how your engine sounds when you drive.

Don’t Delay on Maintenance

If you can extend the life of your Ford’s truck then it can extend the life of your business as well. You should avoid delaying the regular services and maintenance for your Ford truck to ensure that the engine is serviced on time to avoid any future damages.

In case you need to exchange some parts, check out the aftermarket performance products offered by Canadian Diesel Online and alike. Warehouses usually offer a huge selection of parts at very competitive prices so you might get lucky.

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