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Stylish clothes for women - athleisure

Fashion is all about having a personal style and being comfortable in your skin. New fads and trends keep emerging constantly and we tend to be swept away by what is considered the ‘latest fashionable trend’. Here, we will list you the most stylish clothes for women that were and is here to stay. You can swear by these during the times you feel you have nothing to wear and style them up as you like.

Most stylish clothes for women

No matter what your age, size, height, or skin color is, here are some wardrobe essentials every millennial woman should own:

1. A crisp white button-down shirt

This is a staple piece every woman should own. A well-fitted white shirt is classic and it looks good on everyone. Invest in good quality and properly fitted white shirt. You can check out online clothing stores to get the perfect piece.

A white shirt is a very versatile piece and definitely one of the most stylish clothes for women. You can wear your shirt with formals for an interview or meetings, you can pair it up with denim for a casual outing, and you can also add a chunky necklace and wear it with a skirt to oomph up your look.

Style Tip: Always make sure that your shirt is properly ironed and doesn’t have creases. Also, match your innerwear with the shirt to not make it visible.

2. A well-fitted pair of denim

A pair of well-fitted jeans can elevate any look any time. Denims enhance the shape of our curves and make your shape stand out – you just need the right piece.

Every woman should own a pair of black and a pair of blue denims. Proper fitting is very essential when it comes to jeans. Ill-fitted denim can make the whole outfit look shabby.

Try out different brands until you find a pair that fits you perfectly. You can also consider getting a tailored pair. Team up your denim with crop tops, blouses, tank tops, and halter necks to create different looks.

Style Tip: You can try out colorful denims like red and orange. They look playful and vibrant when styled properly.

3. A formal dress

Professional meetings and interviews require you to adhere to a certain dress code. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with your style. Instead of wearing the usual shirt and trouser combo, you can go for a structured dress that is appropriate for the workplace.

Sheath dresses and peplum dresses look great and exude power and confidence. You can pick shades like beige, grey, black, or go for bright colors like blue, lavender, and red, depending on your preference.

Style Tip: Wear a pair of comfortable pumps to finish off the official look.

4. A pair of comfortable leggings

Leggings are a great invention and one of the most comfortable and stylish clothes for women. You can style them with different clothes and own several colors of them.

Pair them up with tunics for a breezy day look or wear them to your yoga classes. You can also wear them with oversized tees and hoodies when you aren’t in the mood to dress up too much.

Invest in a pair of black leggings, made of a stretchy fabric. This is great to start with. Once it comes of good use to you, you’d want to own the other colors too.

Style Tip: Leggings make the butt shape prominent so you must check the quality you buy. They are ideally worn with tees or tunics that cover the buttocks.

5. Pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are one of the stylish options for formals, but you can team it up with clothes to wear outside of the office. Of course, it’s a classic choice for everyday formal wear, but it can be worn in several other ways as well.

The usual combo of a silk blouse and a pencil skirt can be worn during working hours. Mix things up by changing the blouse and wearing a halter neck or a sequined top for a night out. Off-shoulder tops look great with skirts when co-ordinated well. Add a statement belt to spice up the look and you’re done.

Style Tip: Tuck in your blouse and pair up the skirt with a matching blazer to look your professional best.

6. Little Black Dress

This one is a no brainer! Every woman should own at least one stylish black dress for impromptu party plans. You can pick from a variety of styles and fabrics to find a dress that accentuates your body.

Trust your instinct and follow your personal style. For a daring and sexy look, opt for bodycon dresses, strapless dresses, leather fabric, and cut out dresses. For a more conservative look, you can pick a demure A-line dress, cowl necks, and sweetheart necklines.

Style Tip: To jazz up your look, pair your black dress with blingy accessories like metallic bracelets, cuffs, and red stilettoes.

7. Tank Tops

Tank tops are a part of daily wear clothes. They are extremely versatile and can be paired up with almost anything. Along with the default black and white tank tops, you can go for vibrant colors to create an interesting look. Pair a tank top with denim and layer it with a shrug for a casual look. You can also pair it with a blazer for a semi-formal look. Wear a skirt with a tank top for a nice and easy summer look.

Style Tip: Wear a pendant or a chain with your tank top for a dressier look.

8. Maxi Dresses

Flowery prints, flowy fabrics, and comfortable silhouettes are the striking features of a maxi dress which makes it ideal for a vacation or a weekend getaway. Maxi dresses with cheery colors like yellow, blue, white, pink, and green look lively and creates a warm and outgoing look. Style up the maxi dress with sandals or gladiators to add an interesting look to your outfit.

Style Tip: Wear a cute hat and carry a satchel bag to accessorize and complete your look.

9. Athleisure

Athleisure is becoming increasing popular amongst millennials, and for all the good reasons. These clothes serve a dual purpose – they are appropriate for casual outings as well as for physical activities like sports, hiking, and jogging.

Sporty plus stylish is the defining feature of athleisure. For example, you can hang out with friends for coffee and then head to a game of basketball in the same clothes! Most leading fitness brands have a line of athleisure featuring different styles and colors of such wear.

Style Tip: Wear funky sneakers with your tights or tracksuit to make it a fun outfit.

10. A stylish jacket

A jacket is an essential item you need during the winters. You must buy a stylish option to pair it with almost anything you wear. Leather jackets are a classic option in such a case. But you can also go for denim jackets or bomber jackets.

Pick a color and style which co-ordinates well with most of your outfits. You can pick a jacket for daily wear and another dressier one for special occasions and fancy wear.

Style Tip: Go for neutral shades like blacks, greys, browns, and blues if you want to invest in a single jacket.

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