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Have you been slogging yourself at the gym and have seen no results? Have you been trying trending diets like keto and paleo but ended up feeling weak? Weight loss is one of the most difficult struggles most people go through once in their life. It is good that you’ve become proactive to shed off the extra weight because you’re already a step ahead. Now you just need to keep weight loss tips handy to work on you in the right way.

Weight loss tips and tricks that really help

You might have tried many weight loss programs suggested by your friends or by following online content. But most people fail to tell you that everyone has different dietary needs. You need to first understand what is good for your body and then make yourself a weight loss diet plan. Check out the guide below to walk the right path towards your fitness goals:

1. Calculate your BMI

Go online and search for a weight loss calculator that lets you figure out your body mass index. It is the measurement of your body weight compared to your height. Here is capsicum extract.

The results will give you the accurate body shape you have. You can either be normal, overweight, underweight, or obese. You cannot plan a weight loss diet without knowing your BMI.

2. Add hydrating food to your body

A good way to lose weight is to consume a large number of watery fruits. These watery fruits will fill up your stomach and satiate your hunger. However, they will not provide too much calorific value.

Watery fruits will provide you with fructose, glucose, and a negligible amount of fat. Watery fruits have high water-soluble vitamins which makes them really healthy.

3. Count your calories

If you are trying to lose weight, you need to start counting the calories you are eating even if you are eating healthy. You need to also keep track of the source of the calories in order to ensure that you aren’t taking too much fat or carbohydrate.

You don’t need to manually count the calories – you can just install a calorie counter app on your phone. Keep updating what you eat and the proportion, to keep a tab on the calorie count. The app tells you the amount of calorie you need to consume as per your current BML and weight loss goals.

4. Calculate fat and carb intake

Counting the calories that you eat, will not be enough. You also need to calculate the number of fats and carbohydrates you are consuming. The source of calories is very important since its harder to digest fats as compared to carbohydrates.

You will have to limit fat intake and make sure that your carbohydrate intake is at least somewhat proportional to the fat intake. You also need to consume a good amount of protein, depending on the amount of physical activity you do daily.

5. Consume nuts

Nuts have lots of energy and a rich source of micronutrients. Before making nuts a part of your diet, you need to know the fat and starch content present in them.

Nuts are a healthy snacking option so add walnuts and almonds for quick weight loss. Keep away from cashews and pistachios as they have high-fat content.

If you’re looking for the best supper or something to nibble between breakfast and lunch, have nuts at that time. You can also add them to oats and salads to make them more nutritious.

6. Choose food with high nutrients

The nutrient density of different foods plays an important role in determining how much you can consume them. You should choose food items that have high-nutrients rather than high-energy. It helps you keep calorie in control and doesn’t let you compromise with micronutrients.

7. Consume lean meat

Meat is a rich source of protein and a must addition for all non-vegetarian eaters. You need to choose the right kind of meat to make it count and not add fat to your body. For example, fleshy or fatty meats will not help you as much as lean meat would. Try to choose chicken and mutton to get the best of nutritional value.

8. Avoid processed foods

A recent study stated that processed foods surpass smoking to become the leading cause of cancer. People trying to become healthy in general, irrespective of weight loss, must avoid processed food.

Processed foods contain a lot of salt and sugar along with synthetic preservatives. These are detrimental for your health and spoils the balance of your daily calorie intake.

9. Avoid soft-drinks

Soft drinks are one of the most addictive sugary drinks that most people cannot resist. These contain a large quantity of sugar and caffeine and harm your health with time. These are one of the leading causes of diabetes and blood pressure problems in adults. ( If you love flavored fluids, you should choose fruit juice instead of soda-based drinks.

10. Don’t cut down on food

Many people think fasting for a few days or skipping meals regularly can help lose weight. This may seem like a good option since as you don’t consume enough calories but is actually a harmful idea.

When you cut down on food, your body believes that you are undergoing starvation. It ends up storing more calories in the form of fat for later. Additionally, you also end up overeating due to this. Ideally, you must eat at regular intervals, so try breaking three meals into five, and eat every two hours.

11. Avoid overeating

Tasty food can tempt you into overeating as it looks and tastes good. But you need to avoid this at all costs because weight loss needs you to eat in proportion.

It is okay to have a small sweet or a few bites of a pizza, but it is not okay to overeat anything – even diet food. This reverses the weight loss process you’re trying to work on and doesn’t accelerate it.

12. Drink lots of water

You must drink lots of water if you wish to lose weight through dieting. Water fills up your stomach and keeps you hydrated all through the day.

You should drink a glass of water before every meal to avoid overeating as well. An average amount of water content is 3-4 liter and you need to set a target to have that much every day.

Final thoughts

Weight loss is impossible unless you manage your diet properly. Try to not resort to unsafe weight loss pills but stick to exercising and diet. It will take time, but give you lasting results.

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