Tips for Editing Your Game Videos

Editing Your Game Videos

your gameplay skills and strategies for advancing gaming missions to your viewers! This might sound simple, but to publish your gameplay video, you need to record it first and then edit it to present your viewers with crisp and professional content. 

Many video editors may help perform this job, but if you know some special editing tips, it will definitely bring positive results. Through this post, we will introduce you to some of the best tips to edit your gameplay for your online channel that will help increase your viewership while propelling your channel’s success.

  • Ensure smooth game flow

It is vital to ensure that the game you want to record runs smoothly without lags or delays, as bad game performance can ruin everything. Apart from this, check for ads, pop-ups, etc., in your game while recording to prevent hiding the screen or contents. Besides, your computer should be capable of handling gameplays with a minimum of 1080p resolution and 60 fps. Therefore, it’s essential to judge its functioning and performance properly.

  • Adjust colors

To make your gameplay look appealing, you must adjust the color settings of the recorded videos. For the same, you need to use the video effects offered by your games video editor to tweak the contrast, brightness, etc. You can also think of adjusting saturation and other such elements, followed by checking the previews to see how your video will finally look. It is recommended to use brightness and contrast settings in the combination of 30-20% and 20-15% to add finer details to your recording. Different video editors might have slightly different color settings, but these numbers more or less work for all. 

  • Don’t skip on trimming your video content

It’s not the case that you will end up recording the desired video length in a single go. At times, the gamers end up recording a lengthy video that cannot be posted on an online platform due to its heavy size. In such a case, you will need to trim your video and then post it online. To perform video trimming, you will require a game video editing tool so that you can trim the unwanted portion out of your video. Alternatively, you can also cut your entire gameplay recording into many sections and post them after editing as individual stories.

The majority of the video editors are designed to work with mp4 formats, so look for the one that can get your job done correctly and easily. Moreover, dividing your video into smaller sections makes sense as it helps maintain the viewer’s interest compared to a single lengthy video, which might become boring after a point.

  • Audio and its quality

It is not worth posting a gameplay video without sound, as it will make your content look dull and affect engagement. Therefore, you must think of adding an interesting soundtrack to your gameplay video content. With an appealing soundtrack, you can keep the viewers engaged while uplifting the energy of your gameplay. 

When it comes to adding any voice or audio to your gameplay recording, the best is to record a commentary using a professional quality headset in your voice with an amalgamation of music. Many video editors can capture sound from the mic while also accepting voice input via different channels. So, based on what you and your audience prefer, opt for a suitable audio choice. 

  • Add a thumbnail

Another thing you can do to your gameplay video to make it look appealing is to add a thumbnail. But, ensure to use an eye-catching design related to your video content so that the viewers can easily associate with it. Thumbnail is the first thing that will get noticed, even before the viewers can read the title of your game. 

  • Transition effects

Making use of smooth transitions and effects in your gameplay video will make it attractive and provide an immersive user experience. You can easily transition from one scene to another using transition effects, which can be found in most video editors’ effect menus. But, the presence of so many effects can make it a little tricky to choose the best fit for your gameplay editing. Some people use all the effects in a single video which can make their content look messy. So, if you want to add any transition effect, keep it minimal. You can try out the below-mentioned transitions, which work for sure.

Cut: If you want to know the easiest way to move from one video or image to another, then crop transition or cut is the fastest and cleanest way to do so. But, ensure that you avoid jump cuts while cutting at the right time without leaving anything essential. 

Dissolve: This effect is used when two video clips are layered on each other. Using this effect allows you to make transitions from one clip to another in a smooth way that you won’t even be able to realize the same. This is an excellent technique used in many videos that inform the viewers about the passing of an object at a specific time and place. However, it is essential to keep in mind that you only use this effect when needed; they don’t have to be applied to every shot you take. 

Fade: Whatever you want to call it, whether it’s “fade from black or fade to black”, this effect works similar to the Dissolve transition effect. But, it is a little more dramatic, and instead of cutting between the frames, it functions by fading in or fading out the darkness to balance the picture quality. 

  • Video editing software

To assemble your recordings and audio and for editing your game videos, you will need video editing software. There are many options in the market, but it’s recommended to opt for the one which is easy to use, free of cost, and gets your job done in a couple of steps. Video editing software provides an excellent option to increase productivity, save time and enhance efficiency.


Recording any video is easy; it’s video editing that takes a toll. Therefore, it becomes very important to consider some basics to master creating attractive gameplay videos for your viewers. With the above-given tips and tricks, we hope you will be able to edit your gameplay videos like a pro and bring immense popularity to your online gaming channel. 

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