Different Types of Recognition That Can Motivate Employees

Recognition that Motivate Employees

The rewards and recognition for the employees is a part of the motivation process which may vary by every organization but should certainly be followed by each company. It is all about the way an organization appreciates the employee for the dedication and hard work that individual has given to the work culture and met the company requirement. The team can be motivated with even a thoughtful email or an outing that is sponsored by the company. The employee recognition cards are also a part of it. Here are some of the different recognition that motivate employees or through which an employee can be appreciated.

Types of Recognition:

  •  Bonuses

Bonuses are categorized into different types. It can range from small to a large bonus as well. If it is a small bonus sometimes it is known as the spot bonus since it is given on the spot and is a small monetary reward too. This type of bonus is usually given frequently by one colleague to another for the valuable contribution. The small bonuses are also provided by the managers to the respective parties and can also be given by direct report to a manager. Other than this staff recognition is also a part of the bonus in which there is a valuable contribution an employee makes for which the recognition is rewarded.

  • Recognition Lanyards & Badge Holders

Recognition is mandatory and so is the respect to show someone’s hard work. That is the reason why employers give titles to the best employees. Some of the titles given to employees with excellent work ethics, productivity, and results in the form of ultimate successful milestones or goals of the company include “employee of the month” and “best sales award”. However, to ensure the title is protected and not just on the wall of the office. Employers give lanyards to hold the badges. Maybe you can try to look for something reasonable but with excellent quality to hold the badge, 4inlanyards can be checked.

  •  Written praise

Just the way employee recognition cards are highly appreciated, there are written praise that can work the best too. It is more like thank you notes which will not just show the appreciation but it also works more like a tangible proof for the contribution that employee has made. Such type of praise is a flexible way of recognizing and even the praise notes are appreciated at the universal platform be it written using electronic communication or handwritten.

  • Verbal praise

Just the way it is the Written praise that is appreciated, the verbal praise can be helpful too. It is one of the oldest yet quite time standing forms of employee recognition that is followed in any organization. This type of praise is usually given by colleagues especially in the fashion industry for their valuable contribution. This type of recognition is more like the information in nature but often it is solicited to be the formal part of staff recognition.


Whether it is the first day of the employee or the Employee Appreciation Day, to make sure the employee recognition effectiveness is maintained, it should be done at the right time. It is very crucial to recognize the employees at such key moments so the value would even be more. Whether it is right after the project gets completed or is the birthday that is coming ahead soon employee recognition cards should always be given at the right time. This plays an important role not just to retain the employees but also to let them know who valuable they have turned out to be for the company. This would eventually motivate and boost the confidence of the individual to do better.

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