Top Tips for Success in Your Civil Engineering Career

Pursuing a career in civil engineering can be extremely rewarding if you have an aptitude for this line of work and are fascinated by design and construction. A career in civil engineering also tends to be well paid. It is estimated that the average salary for a fully qualified civil engineer is in the region of $88k based on 2020 figures, and the top workers can earn over $110k when gaining experience and more senior roles. However, finding success in a civil engineering career can be difficult. Firstly, it is important to realize that a university degree in civil engineering or a related field is required, and these types of course tend to require a large amount of study and practical work. Put simply, students must study hard to get the highest possible degree. This article explains three distinct ways to seek success when training as a civil engineer and then entering the world of work. 

Opportunities during studies

When a student is undertaking their degree program, it will often require extended periods of study in between lectures to understand the key concepts of civil engineering. It is important that all civil engineering students fully apply themselves during this period of study. Getting good grades that make a student stand out from their classmates can be a first vital step to build a reputation for yourself as a strong candidate for work after graduation. It is also important to recognize that many top students will be offered employment from firms whilst they are still being educated. Around 50% of civil engineering students receive such job offers during their studies. These may be on the proviso of gaining a suitable standard of degree once the course is completed. Students should seek out these employment offers and do their upmost to impress potential future employers. 

High standards of work

When a graduate civil engineer finds a first job it is absolutely imperative that they work to exceptionally high standards. A key part of building a successful career in civil engineering is by cultivating a reputation that any work undertaken will be to a high standard. Contracts often involve working to predetermined timescales which involve a range of activities that lead from project planning to completion of the contract. Successful completion of projects brings with it increased reputation and will often lead to future contracts being granted to the civil engineer or company that they represent. 

Understand the industry culture

It is incredibly important to understand the industry culture that permeates through a wide range of civil engineering services. By adopting accepted practices, you will instantly look suitably professional and portray the correct image. When working for a civil engineering firm, take the time to see how other professionals work, the language and terminology that they use and how they dress. Fitting in with the culture of a well-respected civil engineering firm can be a vital step to enjoying a long and successful career. However, if you find that you are working for a company that has a culture that goes against your values or beliefs and is not the standard for the industry, it may be beneficial to seek out alternative employment with a more professional civil engineering firm.

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