Unveiling the Unsellable Houses Twins: Net Worth, Secrets, and Special Sauce | 2024 Update

Unsellable Houses Twins Net Worth

Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis are two women passionate about renovating and selling hard-to-sell properties. The industrious ladies are successful as realtors and TV stars as their reality show ‘Unsellable Houses’ is extremely popular. So, how much is the Unsellable Houses twins net worth? Let’s find out how much income they generate and the kind of lifestyle they lead.

Unsellable houses in the US

There are many uninhabited houses scattered all over the United States. However, not all of them appear visually appealing to prospective buyers. A home gets the tag ‘unsellable’ when the owner/broker fails to sell it even after consistent attempts.

There could be a myriad of factors why a home ends up becoming ‘unsellable’. It could be the unattractive design, the bad floor plan, or because the previous owners didn’t maintain it well. However, an old house does not have to be a homeowner’s burden anymore. Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis are there to transform any boring apartment into a beautiful home.

Unsellable House Twins bio

Full NameLeslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb
Professional NameUnsellable Houses Twins
ProfessionRenovator, Realtor, Television Star
Place of birthSnohomish in Washington, the USA
Marital StatusMarried
Husband’s NameJacob Davis and Justin Lamb
Unsellable Houses Twins net worth$10 million

Unsellable houses twins net worth

Leslie and Lyndsay are twin sisters who run an interesting show on HGTV, namely, Unsellable Houses. The siblings deserve credit for being able to sell unsellable properties at reasonable prices. So far, they have managed to sell at least 170 houses and there’s no stopping them.

It is evident from the social media profiles of these two ladies that they are wealthy. So, how much is Unsellable Houses twins net worth? The number is going to blow your mind.

The estimated net worth of Leslie and Lyndsay is $10 million. How did two realtors end up becoming so rich? Stay tuned to learn about their various sources of income.

How did Leslie and Lyndsay enter the real estate sector?

After learning the Unsellable Houses twins net worth, are you curious to explore their personal lives? Let us know more about the duo and how they landed a popular show on HGTV.

In an interview, Lyndsay said that she has 15 years of experience in real estate. She was a marketing agent at the beginning of her career and she worked with leading franchises in different American cities. However, she got bored after a while as home renovation was always her area of interest. So, she made up her mind to become a real estate agent and the rest is history.

It was not difficult for Lyndsay because as a marketer her job was to make ordinary houses stand out. But after four years, her son became seriously ill and that’s when her sister offered to help. Leslie was in franchise sales and she worked for Dream Dinners, a meal assembly company.

Leslie commenced managing Lyndsay’s business so that she could look after her ailing son. She loved working for Lamb & Co. and when Lyndsay rejoined, she did not quit. Since then, they have been work buddies and each other’s biggest strengths. But how did they get the opportunity to be a part of an HGTV reality show?

Unsellable Houses twins as reality TV hosts

As Lyndsay and Leslie enjoyed their work, they often captured videos documenting the experience of their clients. Their hilarious style of narrating the journey, client testimonials, and funny clips made their videos fun to watch.

For instance, they did car karaoke with their clients. The first karaoke song they chose was “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift as they are both Swift’s fans.

They regularly posted these videos on their YouTube channel and one fine day they got a call. The makers of Unsellable Houses found them ‘hysterical’ and met them in person to observe their work. After that, they signed a contract with HGTV and now the world knows them.

So, long before they got the offer to be on TV, Leslie and Lyndsay came up with the concept of renovating and selling unkempt houses. They did this because they knew it will set them apart in the highly competitive market of real estate. They wanted to give a memorable experience to homeowners by increasing the price of their properties.

From the beginning, they had the confidence that they could make any house sellable. Their motto is that a good salesperson can sell anything at the right cost. With this thought in mind, they continue to renovate apartments and get them sold fast.

How do Leslie and Lyndsay make an unsellable house sellable?

When Lyndsay and Leslie check out a house, they put themselves in the shoes of an interested buyer. Some of the things that a potential buyer appreciates are eye-soothing paint. They use plenty of natural light, beautiful flooring, and light fixtures working fine. If one can fix those things, then a home will look appealing even without making construction changes.

Wall color, hardware, flooring, and lighting are the four things that can make any outdated house a trendy one. When they are painting and making minor changes, it becomes mandatory to break walls. Changing the floor plan can make a big difference in some cases. The end goal is to make a property visually appealing.

Is Lamb & Co. the first business venture?

Even though Lyndsay and Leslie worked separately for more than a decade, they knew someday they would work together.

As kids, the two were inseparable and they spent hours discussing business ideas. Their first plan was to open a pizzeria, namely, L&L’s Pizza.

They wanted to set up a pizza parlor where guests could also play arcade games. They were 8 years old at that time and not old enough to start a business.

However, the duo once began a makeup business when they were only 19 years old. They purchased makeup essentials after borrowing the initial amount from their husbands.

They thought they would make a huge profit but had to sell everything at cheap prices. Leslie shared with an interviewer that she sold stuff worth $40 for just $2.

While the pioneering business plan didn’t work out, the twins clearly learned their lessons. The Unsellable Houses twins net worth proves that they can be excellent businesswomen.

How do Lyndsay and Leslie earn their living?

If you think Lyndsay and Leslie are ordinary realtors, you are mistaken. They don’t just sell houses but renovate them entirely to make every corner of a house pretty. The effort they put in to sell a house is what makes them stand out. Moreover, this is not the only way they make money.

HGTV pays a fixed amount to the siblings per month for hosting Unsellable Houses. They also earn a commission each time they sell a house after restoring it. They are also active on multiple social networking sites like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

The duo upload content on these sites regularly and their reels get thousands of views. So, they earn nearly $70,000 on a yearly basis from their social media activities.

HGTV’s Unsellable Houses

Although some people ask ‘Is unsellable houses fake?’, it is a wonderful reality show with a unique theme.

Unsellable Houses on HGTV premiered for the first time in 2020’s January. In the past few years, fans have had a lot of fun watching the Unsellable Houses twin sisters.

People who have watched a few episodes of the series have become obsessed with the home remodeling show. That’s because it is one of a kind and is unlike other series about houses on sale.

How much does HGTV pay Unsellable Houses twins?

As you can guess, HGTV does not bear any costs for house renovation projects. However, the twins receive a satisfactory wage as they work for the company.

Both hosts Leslie and Lyndsay, get a large commission when they sell a house. According to some periodicals, they earn $100,000 approx. per year from the channel. They also get $30,000 for appearing on the show and sharing their experiences.

The salary of Unsellable Houses twins for one episode?

The twins have entered into an agreement with HGTV which mentions that they get paid per episode. They make nearly $10,000 for a single episode which is a huge amount. Furthermore, they also have years of experience as air hostesses. This is one of the reasons why their salaries are more than the amount received by other hosts.

So, now you know that unsellable houses twins net worth also depends on the incredible amount of salary they get from HGTV. Additionally, the authorities give them occasional bonuses and various other perks for their exceptional work.

Unsellable Houses Twins Income from Selling a House

Leslie and Lyndsay are two sisters from Washington’s Snohomish. They hunt for abandoned, ill-maintained, and unattractive houses in the United States.

When they find such a property, they invest in it to make it livable. After spending weeks refurbishing a house, they sell it and make a profit. Naturally, they earn a good amount as commission depending on the selling price of the house.

Initially, they used to spend $100,000 to change the appearance of an unsellable house. After that, they listed it for a million dollars. When the house found a buyer, they recuperated the amount invested by them along with a handsome commission.

In one episode of Unsellable Houses, Leslie and Lyndsay spoke about a recent home renovation project of theirs. They assisted one of their close friends in remodeling and selling her property.

When they undertook the task, the house was in a miserable state. It took them as long as four years to completely renovate the house. The total procedure cost around $80,000 but it was worth it.

Within a few days, a person bought the house by paying $8,30,000. So, the profit that the sisters made was $150,000. This is how the sisters made a lot of money within a short time.

Interesting facts about Leslie and Lyndsay

The Unsellable Houses twins are undoubtedly the most talented realtors in the Pacific Northwest. So, what else is there to learn about the dynamic duo?

  • For more than four decades, the ladies have resided in the same town where they spent their childhood
  • The different hairstyles of Lyndsay and Leslie might confuse you, but if you observe closely, you will notice that they are identical twins
  • Another thing that the sisters have in common is that they both gave birth to sons
  • The zodiac sign of the skillful and creative sisters is Aries

Latest news on Unsellable Houses Twins

The two divas are doing what they do best: remodel and sell unsellable mansions. Presently they are busy working on the Unsellable Houses: Season 5. Jacob Davis and Justin Lamb, their supportive husbands, have appeared on their show on multiple occasions. The fact that these women are still hosting the show means that continue to sell houses.

Final Thoughts

So, now you realize why the Unsellable Houses Twins net worth is in the millions. Now, they are working on the 5th season and both women are 42 years old.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happened to Jeff on unsellable houses?

Jeff is the president and owner of JL Remodeling in Lynnwood. Fans wanted to know why Jeff wasn’t present on the latest season of Unsellable Houses. The sisters answered this question on the show and on their Instagram handle. Jeff is busy expanding his business and will remain absent from the show for a while.

2. How old are unsellable houses twins?

The women who host Unsellable Houses on HGTV are twins. As far as the Unsellable Houses twins net worth is concerned, it’s $10 million.

3. Is Lyndsay Lamb still married?

Lyndsay Lamb is happily married and her conjugal life is as beautiful as a dream. She has been with Justin Lamb for two decades and the couple has an adorable son named Miles.

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