Versatile items of clothing that can be worn in any season

A couple of items in your wardrobe might only last for one season. Shorts, sandals, and sleeveless t-shirts are all perfect for the summer – but come wintertime, you’ll wish for a little more coverage. 

By adding a couple of versatile items you’ll be able to squeeze more value from the money spent on clothing. 

Plain white Tee

A high-quality cotton white t-shirt can be the basis for the best wardrobe. They are versatile and can be dressed up with a sports jacket and trousers – or kept casual with cargo pants. 

The t-shirt can be used as a base layer in the cooler months or as the star of the show in the summer. 


Need to walk the dogs? Grab your hoodie. Are you heading out for a walk? Grab your hoodie. A day at home with the kids or working? Grab your hoodie. A quality hoodie can be one of the most versatile options in your wardrobe. 

Once you find a style and thickness that you like, it’s a good idea to grab a couple of them. 

Zip-off cargos

Cargo pants are an often overlooked piece of clothing. They have so many pockets and belt hoops and are built to last. For the ultimate in versatility, get some that zip off. The thigh and upper pockets will still be intact, so you’re not going to find yourself searching for pocket space when the bottoms come off. 

If you’re not a fan of full-on cargo, then check out technical trousers. They have some utilitarian aesthetics without being as functional. 

Walking shoes/boots

There is a big trend for walking shoes and boots that feel like you are walking barefoot. Instead of keeping your foot in one position, they let your feet move as they would naturally. 

But if that isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy comfort for years with the right pair of walking shoes or boots. They offer arch support and breathability (and are designed for all seasons). 

Crew neck sweater

When it comes to jumpers, you should look to invest a little bit extra – crew neck sweaters are the ideal thing to layer over a T-shirt in the winter or over a shirt for work purposes. Cashmere is a great option because they are incredibly soft, warm, and yet breathable – not to mention it will bring a touch of luxury to your outfit. 


The overshirt is a highly underrated garment that is relevant all year-through. Buying a couple in different thicknesses is a smart move. They’re fast to grab in the evenings when the sunsets in the summer and there is a light chill in the air. Perfection for the transition times in the year also gives an extra layer in the winter. 

Navy, khaki, or tan are the best colors to mix and match because they go with raw jeans, black jeans, chinos, cargo pants, and more. Keep it extra casual with sneakers, or wear it with loafers for a more dressed-up look. 


For some, the chino is the trouser of all trousers. It is a true year-round option; grab a pair of chinos in linen for the summer or a little thicker cotton in the autumn and winter. Chinos are great for dressing up or dressing down and can go from the office to coffee to an evening in a restaurant. 

Chelsea boots

The Chelsea boot has solidified itself as a must-have because it is a versatile shoe. Complimenting both heavy materials in the winter and the lighter ones in the summer too. You’ll find these adopted by many of the world’s biggest stars, including a-list celebs and musical artists like The Rolling Stones. 

Black leather is a great option. However, brown often goes with more options, including navy blue, tan, white, and more. 

Making sure that your clothing will last more than just a season makes good sense when it comes to getting value from what you wear. 

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