Solutiontales Provides Data Storage Security Tips to Help You Keep Your Data Secure

Do you sometimes get worried about losing your most important data, especially as a result of poor data storage security? If you have this concern, you are at the right place because this article will take you through some key tips to help you keep your data secure. Continue reading to find out more information about how you can keep your data secure. 

Use Strong Passwords

If you’re storing your data on the cloud or using a device that someone else can access, it’s advisable to use a strong password to guarantee that your data stays protected. Ideally, a strong password should be long and difficult to guess, and it should mostly feature random characters, letters, and numbers. Also, they should remain your secret, and even your closes friend should not be able to easily guess your password. Another mistake to avoid is using the same login on different platforms. This would only expose your data and information to being corrupted. 

Keep your Data Backed Up All the Time

This can be time demanding, but it’s best to devote time to create different backups for your data. Maintaining a backup is the first step towards preserving all your data and information. You have different options to use for this, and it mostly depends on your needs. For someone with many data who want to be able to access them from different devices, the best option is to use a cloud-based storage system. Doing this will let you access your data from anywhere and use any device you want. 

Alternatively, you can use other backup options like storing your data on a USB drive or any other external device. 

Encrypt your Data

With this method, you can convert all your readable files and data into unreadable formats. Only someone with the encryption key you use will be able to decipher your data with the naked eye. Therefore, whenever you store important information, it’s always best to encrypt them. Today, there are different third-party encryption applications that you might want to consider using to further protect your data and information. 

Use Two-Factor Authentication

This is another impressive option that you should consider using if you want to keep your data protected. Two-factor authentication will ensure that you always verify your identity using other vital information that only you have access to. This can be a code sent to your email or phone number. Another option that you might want to consider using is the facial recognition scan or fingerprint option. It’s always advisable to set the two-factor authentication on all accounts that you possess for added security on all of these accounts. 

Actively Manage Shared Files

Sharing files or folders usually requires including the email address of the recipient. After sending the email, you need to be able to establish that all the information it contains stays secure. Also, you can always decide to revoke access to all the shared files and folders. This is to ensure that your data does not get discovered by malicious users that can steal your vital information. 

Another thing to always have in mind is to ensure that you’re extra careful when sharing information, regardless of the medium you use in sharing the information. Always ensure that you only share data with people that you can trust. This should also only be people that actually need the data and understand the importance of maintaining the security and safety of the data. Remember that once you have shared the data, it’s not always easy to retrieve, which is why you need to be extra careful when sharing data.

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