What is Need for a Child Support Attorney When Divorcing? 5 Valid Reasons

Child Support Attorney When Divorcing

Marriages can get to a point where they no longer work, which calls for a divorce. This process can be challenging for you, the adults, and the children in the marriage. For starters, the children’s welfare will be affected, so family law in the U.S. categorizes child support as a right. It requires the party who doesn’t have the child’s custody to pay the amount. Although essential, reaching an agreement, especially on finances and arrangements, can sometimes be challenging, and that’s one of the reasons you need a child support attorney. Here are the other valid reasons.

1. Determining the Income Payable as Child Support

It is challenging to agree on the amount to pay as child support, especially when you aren’t on good terms with your partner. Hiring qualified legal practitioners, such as child support lawyers Houston, will save this situation. These professionals use the Federal Child Support Guidelines by reviewing your parenting arrangements and income. The lawyer will use income tax returns and calculate the right amount to settle financial needs, whether self-employed or salaried.

2. Fair Negotiation

Depending on your financial situation, there might be a need for a settlement that won’t leave you in financial ruin and the children suffer. A good and empathic lawyer will negotiate on your behalf for fair support. Additionally, a good attorney will unearth any attempt by a partner to hide assets in an attempt to pay less child support. As a result, your child’s welfare will be well catered for.

3. Ensure Child Support Document Is Legally Binding

Some divorce cases end amicably with no protracted court cases. In such a situation, you will agree on parenting arrangements, child support, alimony, and any other relevant arrangement. You will then put it in a Separation Agreement and sign it. However, you must read and ensure you understand every detail before appending. You will need a qualified child custody attorney to review the document to ensure it is correct and legally binding.

4. Enforcing the Child Support

Ugly and messy divorce cases end with an aggrieved partner refusing to pay child support despite the ability to pay. Such situations call for enforcing the law for the partner to pay. Doing so requires a qualified child custody attorney to assist with the paperwork. The attorney will fill a motion of civil contempt to inform the court that there is a child support order in place in which a non-custodial partner is behind in paying.

5. Receiving Child Support If Need Be

Lastly, legal practitioners like child support lawyers Houston can help you receive child support when you can’t stand your ex-partner. These professionals will receive the amount on your behalf and forward it to your account. In doing so, the lawyers will ensure that you get the monthly payment on time and follow up to ensure the non-custodial partner meets their side of the child support agreement.

Sometimes divorce is inevitable, and the non-custodial partner will have to pay child support if children are involved. Agreeing on the correct amount can be challenging, especially if you are self-employed. Hiring a child custody lawyer would help in such a situation. So choose wisely.

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