What You Need to Know About Hardie Board Siding

There are many ways to improve your home’s exterior appearance; one popular option is siding installation. Sidings are an efficient way to do this, and with a bit of research, you might find yourself bumping into James Hardie’s fiber cement siding installation. By far, one of the most durable siding options any homeowner can want. Here are the important facts compiled for you to know more about James Hardie’s special offers.

All About James Hardie Board Siding

James Hardie Board siding sits on the ladder of siding companies’ top choices for over 100 years, initially manufactured by James Hardie. Hardie Board siding installation offers superb protection from weather but look aesthetically pleasing as wood at a reasonable cost. 

Advantages of Hardie Board Siding

Hardie Board sidings are popular among many siding contractors and homeowners because of their many advantages, making them stand out from the rest.

  1. Easy to Maintain 
  2. Pleasing to the Eyes
  3. Can be Easily Customized
  4. Fire and Pest Resistant
  5. Endure Harsh Weather Conditions
  6. Hardie Board Siding is Cost-Efficient – Unlike wood or vinyl sidings, it doesn’t need to be cleaned and painted regularly to maintain its good appearance.


Cost Comparison of the Top Choices: Wood Vs. Vinyl vs. Fiber CementWood

You might be wondering about the cost of the common siding material in the market; here are the critical points we would like to share. 

Wood Sidings

Wood gives a natural appearance that is highly pleasing to the eyes, but it costs much more than vinyl and fiber cementwood siding options. Because wood is naturally produced, it is prone to pest attacks, rooting, swelling, and other natural damages that can cost you more if you avail of siding repair. Both vinyl and fiber cement can easily take on the natural wood look with different strengths.

Vinyl Sidings

Vinyl sidings are popular among homeowners because they are less expensive than wood sidings. It is ideal for a quick aesthetic look that can be easily customized but is less long-lasting than cedar wood and fiber cement siding counterparts.

Fiber Cement

Hardie fiber cement siding is the most cost-efficient option because it’s resistant to moisture that can easily cost other sidings to rot. Also, these sidings are fire and water-resistant, which are the natural enemy of any home. It is heavier and may require more human resources for siding installation, but it’s worth it in the long run because it only needs less frequent maintenance, such as repair and painting.

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