What is a voip number from HotTelecom?

Time is always running faster than we would like. Virtual telephony is an innovative technology of our time. What is it, for whom it was created, why do you need to use the services of HotTelecom? About all this, you can read below and know is voip good for your business or not?

What is virtual telephony and how does it work?

Virtual telephony is an excellent solution for call centers and communication companies because it replaces physical phones. 

In fact, this service is truly unique. It allows you to communicate with clients or employees using the Internet, but with the assignment of a real phone number. IP telephony is also called «cloud telephony». In communication, you use a virtual number that allows you to make or receive calls in any quantity. Just connect a cloud simply PBX!

VoIP is analogous to IP telephony. Quality work is ensured using SIP. It is a security-enhanced protocol. It helps maintain confidentiality and conducts a quality signal. Using multiple telephone lines can be added to VoIP telephony, thanks to SIP. It’s connected to the offices, homes. There are many additional advantages: a voice menu, a smart answering machine, and an automatic dialing service.

The cloud service allows you to integrate other software. For example, connecting a multichannel line. When you were using classical communication means, such a service would be very expensive.

HotTelecom at your service

HotTelecom works on our market for over 12 years. The Internet telephony service by this provider is currently offered in 100 countries of the world. The company also provides technical support to each client, helping to resolve any issues. 

There are many advantages to cooperation with HotTelecom. But the most important are: mobility, scalability, and the ability to connect IP telephony at an affordable cost. Also, it is:

  • Personal data protection and confidentiality.
  • Work focused on each client.
  • Connecting a number in less than a day.
  • Stable, high-quality communication.
  • Free personal account SIP.

HotTelecom offers a short and many-sided number. You can use it for Facebook, Instagram, Google, Steam, PayPal. 

The company also offers mutually beneficial partnerships!

For the correct and rapid development of any business, it is necessary to provide high-quality customer feedback at first. You can do this only with advanced Internet technologies. It can help you get new opportunities, simplifying the work of operators and managers. IP telephony will also allow you to save on communication costs. Contact HotTelecom for more information today!

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